Doodle 108: Patreon, Generative Art, and Meetup

Doodle 108 AANYC Relax to draw 12.27.20 v3

Welcome friends to doodle 108. 

First off, I want to take this moment to say thank you for being part of our blog, given our hardships for the year. I hope you have a tremendous 2021—all the best for the holiday season.

Let’s start at doodle 108. We will then focus on Setting up a Patreon WordPress, an Update on Generative Art, and Meetup Events. Grab your favorite holiday sweet, and let’s dive in!

Set up a Patreon for Doodle 108

I thought of setting up a Patreon on my blog because I might save on the fees and gain more value from you! So let’s see what we can do with Doodle 108!

Patreon collects anywhere between 5-12% of your earned income. However, I don’t see anything wrong with that if you cannot setup your membership site. 

I want to come up with a system where we can both support each other. Also, I’m thinking about setting up a few tiers between 1 to 5$. Similar to the Dronstad Project.

Dronstad Project on Patreon doodle 108
Dronstad Project on Patreon doodle 108

I’m planning on giving my Patreons ending credits and shout-out when I create content. For example, when I go live on Twitch, I will announce your name and website at the beginning of the live stream. 

You will benefit by getting more exposure to your product/service.

Then, I want to reach out to Dronstad and see if he can give me some pointers on his Patreon. Go ahead and check out his writings if you love to read Cyberpunk Military Fiction.

Working on Generative Art

Last week, I had a lot of fun editing a Zoom video with my friend Steve on Generative Art for doodle 108. Once released, you will have access to his workflow, collections, and various outputs.

What we will cover 

  • The snowflake design process, 
  • Showcase his latest jewelry, 
  • Discuss scripts, 
  • How to make geometry
  • Shapeways
  • Keyshot
  • ZBrush

I’m planning to secretly release it to my Patreons before I announce it to the world. Also, so stay tuned for that announcement. For now, you may want to visit the Baroque++ website to see his creations.

Art at Meetup

The Imaginative Illustrators hosted a free course last weekend called Drawing to RelaX. For example, it’s a workflow to unlock your inner artist and allow your muse to sing for doodle 108. 

Drawing to Relax Surrealist Art based workshop

To see the event, watch it over Twitch or YouTube or watch the video above. 

Only a day before the Drawing, to relaxing, we had our regular IINYC Meetup with the following prompts. 

Ugly Christmas Sweater, Ugly Christmas Sweater, and National BoXing Day, so boXing. Also, I recorded the event as well. If you want to learn to draw like me, watch the live-stream. 

Finish Line

Nevertheless, let us close out with AANYC Relax to draw. Also, feel free to ask anything in the comments. Finally, at the end of Doodle 108, a few related articles might interest you.

Doodle 108 AANYC Relax to draw 12.27.20 v3
AANYC Relax to draw 12.27.20 v3 Doodle 108

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