Collaboration is one of the essential ingredients that leads to a deeper connection and joy through creativity.

Hi, friends, welcome to doodle 106. I will talk about the Divi blog transformation, IINYC prompt-based meetup, and live streaming. So let’s get into it, friends.

Doodle Plan 106

Divi and Black Friday

Upon the end of Black Friday, I purchased Divi and finished work on the home page for doodle 106. I was a bit confused about why I couldn’t import my portfolio, so more on that later.

However, I got used to the builder, and I love how fast and snappy it runs. It has a floating context-sensitive tool that can add new modules, sections, and rows.

In a short while, I started working on the collaboration page and realized that I need to draw some images and find place holders.

While building, I’m remaking the Dalston look and feel because I want to focus on my live-streaming.

Live stream for doodle 106

After the live-stream, I noticed that my music and voice weren’t working right for doodle 106.

I set up a Voicemeter to duck or lower my music while I speak, but it wasn’t taking effect. Then, I did many tests and realized that the output did not affect the application.

Meanwhile, VCam or cell phone camera over WiFi gave me trouble. The solution is to use my iPad’s front-facing camera until I find an alternative.

For now, the XSplit team will work on the issue and release an updated app.

Imaginative Illustrators of NYC (IINYC)

Last Saturday, IINYC met to draw a few prompts, and I captured my experience on video for doodle 106.

That day’s prompts were inflatable food, elf girl with a muscular heart, and bathtubs party.

While streaming, I discovered that I could use my previous Stream on YouTube as an intermission screen during the live stream.

The best part about that stream was the inflatable donut because it looked convincing, and it had a little pump to add air into it.

I’m going to include a video right above and a screenshot of the donut. Let me know what you think?

doodle 106 IINYC 12.2.2020 mutt inflatable food body building Christmas elf

Wrapping Up Doodle 106

Guys, I added a new plugin that allows us to draw or doodle on my art for doodle 106.

I will let you know in the caption when you have a drawing opportunity. You may save it and share it out on Twitter and tag @Artist.Vye so that I can give you a shoutout.

Finally, I’m sharing a few related articles that might interest you.

What do you think of my inflatable food donut?

Doodle 106 IINYC 12.5.20 inflatable food body building Christmas elf bathtub party

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