Doodle 105: Divi Black Friday, Dust Mites, Work Station

doodle 105 250 Box Challenge

Hi, friends, welcome to doodle 105. The Divi Black Friday sale is wrapping up. Meanwhile, white dust mites wracked havoc on my work station. In short, my work area is in chaos for a few days. So let’s get into it, friends. 

Doodle Plan 105

Divi Black Friday Sale is over

I stayed up till 2 am to make sure I got the theme builder for doodle 105. Would I say it’s worth it? No, not really. Altogether purchase the lifetime membership in the regular hours with the free prizes. 

Aside from that, I couldn’t find the will power to start retheming my website. For the moment, my theme is Dalston. It’s a friendly, simple art portfolio theme. 

White Dust Mites on Buddha
White Dust Mites on Buddha

While writing my morning pages, I thought about creating a local WordPress site to test and build my new place for doodle 105. However, I’m lazy, and I don’t want to focus on that. 

So you can stick with the WordPress reader if you notice the destruction.

White Dust Mites on Doodle 105

Last week, Thursday, we spent a few days fighting a bug infestation for doodle 105. I first noticed them on Tuesday, but they appeared to be white dust particles. 

White Dust Mites on Plant

Upon closer inspection, they started moving, and we identified them as white dust mites. Then the panic set into our hearts or at least into mine. 

Together, we spent Thanksgiving vacation cleaning out three plants, my beast of a computer and, the table. 

Workstation is in shambles

I was upset because I spent the last Saturday setting up my new PC for doodle 105. Then the bugs came and wreaked havoc. During this time, we used tape, soap, vinegar to remove the bugs.

White Dust Mites on Turtle Beach Headphones

After we removed the soil from the plants, then the white mites stopped traveling and appearing. In my mind, I thought about Murphy’s Law. 

What is your Murphy’s Law incident?

Go ahead and try to answer the question in the comments for the Doodle 105

Wrap Up

Finally, for doodle 105, I’m sharing a few related articles that might interest you and the 250 Box Challenge.

doodle 105 250 Box Challenge
doodle 105 250 Box Challenge

What’s Crackin’ \ (•◡•) /

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