Doodle 103: IINYC, Two Tips on Blog Writing, and Computer

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Hi, friends, welcome to doodle 103. I will cover IINYC prompts, blog writing, and picking up an old beast of a computer. Then, in the end, I’m sharing the new 2020 iMac giveaway.

Doodle Plan 103 ~ IINYC

I almost forgot that I’m visiting my moms to pick up a computer because it will affect my participation with IINYC. Imaginative Illustrators of NYC is a meetup group I attend where we illustrate based on prompts.

Last week we had Cowboy Campfire, Mickey Mouse, and Cliffhanger as our prompts. However, I’m curious about what will be the variable prompt for this Saturday.

What do you think the variable prompt should be? I’ll give you a hint, and it might be closer to a national holiday or event.

Doodle 103 Learn to illustrate in Two-Point Perspective
Learn to illustrate in Two-Point Perspective

Two Tips on Blog Writing for doodle 103

I start my morning writing a journal with my thoughts streaming down like a waterfall for doodle 103. Then, it’s open and free as our thoughts should and could ever want to be. 

I searched for my blog ideas and figured I need to improve because I’m starting to feel bored.

As I read, I discovered that I need to come back to and give that article a second read. It’s filled with so much information for our doodle 103.

What questions to ask while coming up with a topic and how to expand your subtopics. In short, I reached an article on, Tips & Tools to Write A Good Blog Post

Then I found myself on YouTube, and I found another blogger who mentioned that my paragraphs are too long. Also, Cathrin Manning writes that she keeps her sections up to 1-2 lines long. 

HOW TO WRITE A BLOG POST FOR BEGINNERS 2019: Tips To Create AMAZING Blog Posts From The Start

Picking up my computer

Coming back to reality, I need to visit my mom today to get a haircut, shop for goods, and pick up my machine. Also, I hope that all will be okay with smooth sails for doodle 103. 

It’s a water-cooled fan controlled with radiators pushing heat out. While it’s a beast of a computer, but I don’t even know if it works. 

Would you sell it? Maybe the parts are worth something?

Go ahead and try to answer the question in the comments for the Doodle 103

Wrap Up

For the best part, Divi is hosting the new 2020 iMac giveaway. Also, if you want to participate, enter the contest to win the iMac. Finally, for doodle 103, I’m sharing a few related articles that might interest you.

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