Doodle 103: IINYC, Two Tips on Blog Writing, and Computer

Hi, friends, welcome to doodle 103. I will cover IINYC prompts, blog writing, and picking up an old beast of a computer. Then, in the end, I’m sharing the new 2020 iMac giveaway.

Doodle 100: Powershell, iMac Giveaway, Twitch, and IINYC

The other day, I was learning a bit of Powershell scripting for doodle 100. I plan to build a small script to manage my starting soon text in OBS. Open Broadcaster Software or OBS, for short, is what I use to live-stream. The code will be useful for chat interaction because I will include blurbsContinue reading “Doodle 100: Powershell, iMac Giveaway, Twitch, and IINYC”