Drawing plan 84: Algorithmic Artwork, Transcript, and AANYC

Drawing plan 84 Balanced Rock Arches National Park Utah

Hi, friends, for the drawing plan 84, yesterday, I met with my friend Steve over Zoom to discuss Algorithmic Artwork. During the event, the most challenging part was keeping the conversation natural and free-flowing. Such as not interrupting each other with our questions or getting too excited. Meanwhile, the best part was watching my friend show me the tooling. For example, love his use of Rhino, NetLogo, and Zbrush. Therefore, for the drawing plan 84, let’s start algorithmic artwork illustration.

  • Rhino Algorithmic Artwork Workflow
  • ZBrush Algorithmic Artwork Workflow
  • Net Logo Algorithmic Artwork Workflow

Table of contents

Plan 84

Art DIET Tracing Steps
Art DIET Tracing Steps

After the Zoom event, I need to start putting all the pieces together for the drawing plan 84. For example, I’m thinking of transcribing the video, and I need to find a good and cheap service. Also, I will confirm with my friend if he is willing to split the cost. Besides, accessibility needs to include a transcript for people who are hearing impaired. As well, it will improve your content reach. Also, some people prefer to read instead of watching a video. Therefore, let’s try to get the transcript for the drawing plan 84. 

Art DIET Tracing Demo

For the drawing plan 84, today, the Aspiring Artists Meetup will have a session at 8:30 am to illustrate with Tracing and Art DIET. Tracing is an integral part of learning to draw because it will make it easier for you to quickly break down your images and start focusing on the fun aspects. It’s also essential to learn the different line tools to improve your line weight, quality, and simplification of complex shapes. It’s necessary to practice. Otherwise, your mind will start to forget, but you don’t want that, so go out there and build strong links! Thus, let’s learn together with the Aspiring Artists Meetup. 

Finish Line

Nevertheless, let us close out with the Balanced Rock illustration for the drawing plan 84. Also, Arches National Park in Utah is the name and location of the rock. Besides, if you search on Pinterest for the Balanced Rock, you can compare how I captured the features. Then, let’s leave you with a question in the comments, go ahead and try to answer it. Also, you can reach out to me on my contact page and shoot me an email. Finally, at the end of the drawing plan 84, a few related articles might interest you.

have you ever use a transcription service? What makes a good one? Any suggestions? 🤔  

Go ahead and try to answer the question in the comments for the drawing plan 84
Drawing plan 84 Balanced Rock Arches National Park Utah
Balanced Rock Arches National Park Utah

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