Drawing plan 65: Screech, sizzle. Slush, slush, slither.

Drawing plan 65 Yellow Mountains China

Hi, friends, for the drawing plan 65, I’m waiting for my friends to finish the Lake Placid Jumping Complex’s zipline experience. Interestingly the place was initially constructed for the 1932 Olympics. My friends are taking the gondola up and then zip tie down to the base. The ride is about one minute. Afterword, I think we will go to eat lunch or ride back home. Anyhow, let’s screech over to the next set of the drawing plan 65.

  • Lake Placid Jumping Complex's zipline
  • Continuing the Olympic Legacy
  • Gondola going up to Zip-line


Earlier today, we hiked Mount Gilligan at night. Also, it’s a 2-mile and about 700 ft elevation. The hike takes place near Elizabeth town. We drove over and arrived at 5:30 in the morning. Our goal was to see the sunrise. While hiking, we were surprised that it was mostly vertical, so we had our hearts pumping hard at night. During the hike, I kept my eye out for rocks to include for my rock drawing studies. Overall, Mount Gilligan was a great challenge, even though it was short for sizzling drawing plan 65.

Drawing Plan 65

Walking through the Trees

The other day, we hiked Hurricane Mountain Trail at night and, I was scared of the dark. The trail is about 7-miles with 2000 ft of elevation gain. I enjoyed hanging out on top of the fire tower while we had our lunch. Also, our friend Da gave us the idea of doing jumping photographs. While we walked back to the car, we took many pictures of the hike. I found so many large bulders for my rock studies. In the end, we finished it and moved to the slush of the drawing plan 65.

After Hurricane hike, I learned how to draw rocks with Jia Sen Art and Reuben Lara. Also, I was fascinated by the texturing and saved the YouTube video to my inspiration playlist. For example, the artist Jia broke it up into many easy steps. She started with flats or adding a blue shade. Then she started coloring the shadows and lights. I tried to follow along too. See my result below.

Rock education with Jia Sen and Reuben Lara
Rock education with Jia Sen and Reuben Lara

Finish Line

Nevertheless, let us close out with the upcoming plan for the next few days. For instance, I haven’t been writing regularly and hope to get back to normal. Today, Aspiring Artists will meet for 30 minutes of Art Tracing exercise. Anyhow, let’s close out with the rock study drawing of the Yellow Mountains China. Finally, at the end of the drawing plan 65, a few related articles might interest you.

Drawing plan 65 Yellow Mountains China
Yellow Mountains China

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