Drawing plan 64: Achoo, Achoo. Ahem. Blurt, Bonk, Boo.

Drawing Plan 64 Dragon’s Blood Tree Socotra Island

Hi, friends, the other day, we all practiced body conditioning after our hike to Mt Marcy. For example, sleeping in was a side effect. Then, so was yoga stretches. I executed the poses robotically, not entirely, but too tired to resist not doing them. Also, a wholesome breakfast is undoubtedly part of body conditioning. Therefore, we took it easy to recover after our 1,629-meter hike of Mt. Marcy. Together, let’s blurt over to the drawing plan 64.

After breakfast, we pulled our selves together to visit the town. Our first stop was at a Jerky place, not my first choice, but our group loves that stuff. It had so many types, shark and rabbit jerky caught my eye. In my mind, I was feeling sad for the rabbits and the overfishing of sharks. However, that is another story for a different day. Then, feeling sad, I stepped outside to play my harmonica for a second, and my mom calls to see if I’m still alive. Moving forward, let’s bonk over to the drawing plan 64.

drawing plan 64 Mountain Girl
Mountain Girl

Before we leave for the other shops, my mom tells me to get her some souvenirs, but more later. When our group finished shopping for jerky, we walked into an antique store. A giant polar bear greeted us at the entrance. I was surprised. I didn’t know they are so tall and strong. However, I quickly focused on the playful paintings. For example, I enjoyed looking at the history of the Olympics in the Adirondacks. Mostly, sled racing or winter sports. Anyhow, I left empty-handed, but my friend got a mailbox for his parents, so let’s achoo over to the next set of the drawing plan 64. 

Drawing Plan 64

After we left the antique store, we walked into Mary Ballou Design Store. Mostly gadgets and art prints. My mom had asked me to get something that had the mountains in the background. Sarah discovered a magnet that is perfect for my mom. She is thoughtful, has practical design taste, and my girlfriend. Afterword, we shopped a bit more, I got another pair of hiking socks, and my friends brought food and a foam roller. In the end, we did good shopping and had a fantastic time, so let’s wrap up the drawing plan 64.  

Finish Line

Nevertheless, let us close out with the upcoming plan for the next few days. Today, we are planning to go kayaking. Then, Tuesday morning, wake up around 3 am to go on a night hike to see the sunrise. We will hike up Hurricane Mountain wilderness trail. “It is a 3,694-foot (1,126 m) mountain near Keene in the north of the High Peaks region of the Adirondacks in New York.” Also, I will try to squeeze in rock studies and Art DIET throughout the day. Anyhow, let’s close out with the rock study drawing of the Dragon’s Blood Tree Socotra Island. Finally, at the end of the drawing plan 64, a few related articles might interest you.

Drawing Plan 64 Dragon’s Blood Tree Socotra Island
Dragon’s Blood Tree Socotra Island

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