Drawing Plan 48: Gurgle water, Chatter loud, Click the mouse.

Drawing Plan 48 Rock Formation Taiwan Asia Rock Study

Hi, friends, for the drawing plan 48, yesterday, I was surprised that a creative artist joined our Zoom Meetup, Aspiring Artists of NYC. Together we worked on Art DIET, I focused on rocks, while he worked on illustrating an angel. I didn’t have to concentrate on live-streaming during the event, and I felt a bit lost until he showed up. Therefore, I’m glad to have an audience, and I feel complete when creative people are around me.

Rock Duplication Art DIET

I wrote about motivation during my morning pages because I’m curious why my actions revolve around being better than others. Also, I want is to be curious and explore joy. I want to be the guy who sits in front of the T.V and plays his game while having that guilty feeling that I should be doing something productive. You know that feeling. I want to have that feeling when I draw my art or write my blog posts. Anyhow, let’s try gurgle water and move to the drawing plan 48.

Drawing Plan 48

For drawing plan 48, I don’t have plans to host Aspiring Artists, but tomorrow we will practice the art Tracing from the Art DIET collection. Tracing is an integral part of learning to draw because it will make it easier for you to quickly break down your images and start focusing on the fun aspects. 

It’s also essential to learn the different line tools to improve your line weight, quality, and simplification of complex shapes. Also, it’s vital to practice. Otherwise, your mind will start to forget, but you don’t want that, so let go out there and build strong links!

Finally, let’s click the mouse and move to the end of the drawing plan 48.

Art DIET Tracing Demo on Rocks

Finish Line

Nevertheless, let us close out with the Rock Formation Taiwan Asia Rock Study’s rock study drawing. Finally, at the end of the drawing plan 48, a few related articles might interest you.

Rock Formation Taiwan Asia Rock Study

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