Drawing Plan 38: Boing, boing. Rustle, boing. Sprinkle, fizzle.

Split Apple Rock Tasman Bay drawing plan 38

Hi, friends, for the drawing plan 38, yesterday we went on a hike to Anthony’s nose. Towards the end of the slog, I realized that 8 miles are tough. Also, downhill everything is hilly and bumpy. During the trek, I tried my best to make friends because I don’t know any of them, and I want to have more friends. One of the hikers was a programmer like me and taught me a breathing technique. He mentioned that Americans breathe through the chest, but it’s better to use the belly. Anyhow, let’s try to rustle along to drawing plan 38.

During the hike, I couldn’t do any drawing and had most of my focus speaking to people and moving uphill. After the hike, we drove to one of the lakes to call off. I can’t share too many pictures because I don’t think my friends would like that very much. I hope the ones I took give you an idea of what the place has to offer. Towards the end of the trip, we all went to Korea town in NJ, BCD Tofu House, and ate our dinner. The trip was fun, so let’s try to rustle along to the drawing plan 38.

Drawing Plan 38

For the drawing plan 38, we have many chores today, but I have a massive headache, so I’m going to try to take it easy. Most of the day, we will focus on chores and cleaning up. My job in the house is to focus on the bathrooms and morning breakfast. Hopefully, I can focus on other fun tasks. Finally, let’s keep drizzle along to the reminder of drawing plan 38.

No live stream today, but come Monday, we will host Art DIET education meetup. We will also learn from many artists because we want to see similarities and different things that may warrant questions in our minds. For example, we will go on YouTube and other teaching platforms to learn how to draw our topic. Each teacher will have different ways to show his techniques if you are learning something new, that is great. Otherwise, the review is useful, anyhow, let us wrap up drawing plan 38 and move to the finish line.

Art DIET Education Live Stream Demo

Finish Line

Nevertheless, let us close out with the rock study drawing of the Split Apple Rock Tasman Bay Made of Granite.

Drawing plan 38 - Split Apple Rock Tasman Bay Made of Granite
Split Apple Rock Tasman Bay Made of Granite

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