Drawing Plan 37: Sprinkle, sprinkle little star. Dribble, dribble little

Corona and Bowtie Artch drawing plan 37Hiking Trail

Hi, friends, for the drawing plan 37, yesterday, I spent some time speaking with a Norton specialist. He had me reinstall the software a few times and change a few settings. My goal was to get TimeMachine working. I think the tech managed to do that. He even set up another call for the feature to check in on my progress. I was left impressed and happy that things are finally falling into place. Anyhow, let’s try to sprinkle along to the drawing plan 37.

Not much drawing happened yesterday, other than our live stream yesterday morning. Nobody showed up to the Aspiring Artists meetup, but I’m not surprised, people don’t know yet. But hopefully, after I let a few people know about it during Imaginative Illustrators meetup, more will show up. Also, the meetup is at 8:30 am, so it’s a severe sacrifice for the sake of learning to illustrate. However, it is the best time to do your most important task. Not in the end, but let’s try to dribble-dribble to the drawing plan 37.

Drawing Plan 37 Hike and Drawing Monday

For the drawing plan 37, today, we are going on a hike to Anthonys Nose upstate New York. I’m going to try to keep a small diary of my thoughts and feelings so I can report back to you tomorrow. The place sounds familiar, but I have a feeling they reuse that name for other scenic locations.

No live stream for today’s drawing plan 37, but come Monday, we will join together via Meetup and Zoom. We will cover education at 8:30 am from Reuben Lara’s Art DIET. Together, we will learn to draw from several teachers using your topic. Besides, I will live-stream my theme and how I will go about learning the parts. Also, I’m not a teacher, more of a guide to show you the way. So let’s do this together and be thriving and move to the end of drawing plan 37.

Todays Plan

Rock Education Live Stream Demo

Finish Line

Nevertheless, let us close out with the rock study drawing of the Corona and Bowtie Arch.

Corona and Bowtie Arch
Corona and Bowtie Arch

What’s Crackin’ \ (•◡•) /

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