Drawing Plan 23: Chat, Chatter-Cheep. Choo-Choo!

Mushroom Rock State Park Smoky Hills of Kansas drawing plan 23

Hi, friends, let us talk about yesterday and then move to the drawing plan 23. Did you ever have a dreary Friday where its mostly about work that you had to do for somebody? Then later, you realized that you didn’t get to do what you wanted? Friday, was all work and a little bit of fun. We watch The Patriot with Mel Gibson over lunch and dinner. Then rest were mostly chores.

The Patriot

After chores, I thought about working on the live streaming landing page. Also, I wanted to draw four more pictures to depict the art DIET plan. Hopefully, this weekend, I can illustrate those pictures and stick the landing page on the menu for people to discover. Let us try to move on to drawing plan 23.

Before, drawing plan 23, I recall watching a video on the BioSphere is located in Oracle, Arizona. Also, the YouTube video mentioned that they were trying to replicate earth in a box. The group of scientists working at the place said it was losing oxygen due to the soil and concrete in the building. However, the issue is corrected, and the BioSphere is sustaining life. Anyhow, let us move to the drawing plan 23.

Drawing Plan 23

For drawing plan 23, I’m going on a bike ride to central park and then back around to pick up a surprise birthday present. Not precisely drawing, but a plan. The idea is to do the exercises each week to stay fit mentally and physically. I work out daily, but a bike ride will burn off more calories. Also, the human body is for motion. What is the other reason why we got feet and hands? What else is up with the drawing plan 23?

As I was saying earlier, I need to focus on more rock study drawing studies and wrap up my live-streaming landing page. This weekend, I dont yet have plans to live stream, but I coming Monday, we will start a new topic education and DIET live stream. Also, I might have a random Twitch stream this weekend. I’m setting up my channel. Regarding the rock studies, I need to ramp up to doing 10 of them per day. The goal is to find a two to a three-hour window to draw. So, far I haven’t done that. I hope somebody can let me know what I’m doing wrong? Anyhow, let us close out the drawing plan 23.

Education Demo for Monday

Finish Line

Notwithstanding, let us close out with the rock study drawing of the Mushroom Rock State Park Smoky Hills of Kansas.

Mushroom Rock State Park, Smoky Hills of Kansas​ Drawing plan 23
Mushroom Rock State Park Smoky Hills of Kansas

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