Drawing Plan 22: Giggle-Giggle, Clatter, Click. Swish-swoosh!

Blackchurch Rock Culm Coast Hartland North Devon drawing plan 22

Hi, friends, let us talk about yesterday and then I’ll try to move to the drawing plan 22. I worked on my usual items, morning pages, then pushed out my daily drawing plan. However, I got myself to create a new page for the blog, and it is a landing page for my DIET live stream. I want to create a central location where I explain all the details about why and what I’m doing with the DIET live stream. It hasn’t been linked in the menu yet, but for my faithful followers, go ahead and check it out and give me your thoughts on the idea (at the end of the blog post).

I will continue working on it, but the page will remain open, and I will start replacing all the links on these dailies. My goal is to move to a different live streaming platform. Also, since I care about you all, I don’t want to leave you confused with the dead-end art community. Anyhow, let us try to move to the drawing plan 22.

Cover Image for Live Stream ​Page
Cover Image for Live Stream Page

I started doing the cover artwork for the page too, and it is going to be simple drawing. Also, I don’t want to scare away people. I aim to help people starting. Besides, I don’t want to spend too much time on the cover because I will never begin. Moreover, I need to start replacing the links so that when I move, everything will be ready. Okay, let us move to the drawing plan 22!

Drawing Plan 22

For drawing plan 22, I want to squeeze in a few rock studies and hopefully start working on the second rock collection book, but the landing page takes priority now. Also, at 8:30 am today, I will host a live Invention stream for Reuben Lara’s DIET plan. It will cover everything we learned for the last three days into a 30-minute session. Feel free to join and participate.

Reuben Lara DIET Invention Demo

Finish Line

Nevertheless, let us close out with the rock study drawing of the Blackchurch Rock Culm Coast, Hartland North Devon, for the drawing plan 22.

Blackchurch Rock, Culm Coast, Hartland North Devon
Blackchurch Rock Culm Coast Hartland North Devon

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