📢 Findings On How To Timelapse ⏱

Dragon Sycra Timelapse V2

Ultimately got to my video timelapse finished with the help of Adobe Photoshop, Premier and After Effects. I had forgotten to write how much seconds between shots. It might have been 30 frames per second or FPS. I hope the video comes out right. Nobody watches them anyway, so who cares right? While talking with a friend over the phone, I discovered that about 600 images had a freaking orange color background. The result of leaving my Chronolapse recording while I had closed my tablet. During this time I had joined the Challenges Wild West Key-Frame Concept Art Competition. I’m hoping to get good feedback from the hosts.

Findings On How To Timelapse ⏱

Meanwhile, I’ve been forcibly squeezing my brains to come up with an ending for all my YouTube video’s, but nothing seems to come out. YouTube has the annotations at the end of the video that gives me many options to get traffic moving to my channel. For example, I can have them subscribe, view a playlist or a random video. YouTube will place annotations at the end of the video, 20 seconds before the closing. My issue is that I want a way to speak and have a charming character appear on the scene. I got the idea from watching another YouTube  channel called “Draw With Jazza.” The solution is to use Adobe Character Animator, with the help of a webcam and an animated character I can make this happen. I’ve even written out a speech, what do you think?

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Perseverance is Thin, Can You Assist❓

Many days later, I finally published my video (see video above). No clue what I’m doing, but passionate to get to my goal. As an artist, I haven’t yet identified with a niche. What kind of theme’s do you like? For example, do you a fantasy or with a story? Should I put all my effort into making a new style or should I look at others? Maybe I can combine techniques I love and make a fantastic idea!?

What’s Crackin’ \ (•◡•) /

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