Wild West Art Key Frame Competition

Wild West Feature

It’s been a while. Sorry, dear followers! Let me update you on what been happening in my life so that we can have a quick chat. A few weeks ago I went on a ski trip to Jay Peak. The week before I’ve been missing my blog posts and focusing on creating a time-lapse of me drawing. Somehow I cannot break the habit of setting up my writing schedule. Then I joined a Wild West art contest. My goal is to put the longer waiting tasks on hold, and the shorter life posts up for grabs. The issue is that my life revolves around a solid routine, so I don’t want to bore or repeat myself. Any ideas how to keep it interesting?

Wild West Art Competition 🐴

I joined a Wild West art competition on ArtStation. Feel free to check it out so that you can cheer me on! I have wanted to try a challenge for the longest time. The best part is that it has a deadline. I’ve needed a date by which something is to finished because it will help me stay focused. I urge you all to try it and let me know in the comments below how you did it so that others reading this can reach their goals. For those that are curious why I put stress towards art competition, please take a look at Striving Professional Artist. Besides, I got another fantastic surprise coming down the horizon, but I can’t talk about it until I work out the details. All I can say is that it’s art related.

Jay Peak Ski Trip ❄

Going up to Jay Peak
Going up to Jay Peak

What happened at jay peak? We arrived super late, I unpacked and got ready for the jacuzzi. Then bed. The next day, we skied. I fell before making it on the slope. I injured my back. It pretty much went downhill from there. Haha, maybe I can remix that sentence into a joke?. I mean I had fun with friends, but it forced my body beyond its limits. When I got home on Sunday night, I felt my back injury. Monday morning I took the day off because I couldn’t move.

Trying to Keep a Promise ❤

The last few blog posts I keep harping about is a dream of mine. I couldn’t do a daily blog post series. I haven’t figured how to find time to write my ideas during work hours while trying to squeeze in art time and my other daily adventures.

Random Word 📜

Cur; An aggressive dog or one that is in poor condition, especially a mongrel; A contemptible man or deserving contempt; despicable. If I were to try to fix the word into my Jay Peak story, I would say that I was in poor condition for the Jay Peak trip. Let me know if that makes sense?

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