How to Customize WordPress Prompt Thumbnail?

Prompt Thumbnail

I’m not satisfied with the WordPress “prompt thumbnail” screenshot. The created screenshot is a result of a pingback. Is it possible to customize the thumbnail? Is it crazy to say that we want somebody to click on our little square box to visit our blog? In my opinion, half of my thumbnail doesn’t offer any useful summary of my blog post. For example, what is the point of showing a small tiny menu and a title? In other words, the main menu is hard to read at that size. Also, why is the name of the post displayed twice? First in white overlayed, then on the image.

Prompt Thumbnail 📚

What I do know is that if I change my theme, restart, then the screenshot changes. What exactly takes the screenshot, I do not know. I do know that it has something to do with the pingback I create using the prompt. For example, today’s prompt is conversant. Last night, I created a blog post on my latest sketches using this technique. 

How does it work?

Interestingly, there is a documentation about how it all works. If you’re not familiar with the daily prompts, take a look at the article challenge-instructions. If you want to learn more about the prompts, please read the article comments pingbacks. Granted if you are lazy like me, see how WordPress defined pingback below.

A pingback is a particular type of comment, when you link to another blog post, as long as the other blog is set to accept pingbacks. To generate a pingback, link to another WordPress blog post. If that post has pingbacks enabled, the blog owner will see a pingback appear in their comments section. 

WordPress – Pingback

Bloggers ✍

What do you think of the issue above?

  • Change the theme, so it caters to the screenshot?
  • WordPress do something about it?
  • Leave it alone, and it works well for my needs.
  • Is there anything else I should add to this list?

Here is a Phoenix Sketch for you 🙂 It could be useful in my stories.

Phoenix Red Color Sketch
Phoenix Red Color Sketch

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