Phoenix Sketches are Underway V3

Phoenix Sketches are Underway V3

This morning I decided to work on my phoenix sketches. Furthermore, I wanted a way to capture a small time-lapse of my drawing. In doing this, it will give me a way to share my progress with you. For example, I can show you all the steps in between as opposed to a still image. Likewise, I used a tool called open broadcaster software or OBS for short. If you’re interested in becoming conversant in OBS take a look at How to use Open Broadcaster Software? With the combination of SketchBook Pro and OBS, I started drawing. Upon finishing the video capture, the challenge of editing and combining the video files is the last step.

Phoenix Sketches are Underway V3
Phoenix Sketches are Underway V3

Phoenix Sketches are Underway V3 😍

Wait, let’s go back in time because we lost the plot. On the train in route to work, I found a nice comfy corner seat. Then, I started digging for the Venue Pro 11 tablet and active digital pen in my backpack. It’s not the best tablet, but it’s affordable and satisfies my needs. Also, everything is ready for drawing, but I always get this feeling of eyes watching. Do you ever do something and see somebody gazing for a moment but not interacting with you in any way? When it happens, I wish they would give me feedback on my art because it would help me improve it. What do you recommend I try to do to get more interaction with the MTA riders of New York?

  • Loudly talking about my picture while I draw?
  • Drawing things I see on the train?
  • Sketching MTA trains because it relates to the tin can I take to work every day?
  • What else should I add to this list?

Why the Phoenix⁉

Okay, so why did the Phoenix sketch? I started this project during my ski trip to Killington, and I wanted to see how far it would go. But, I don’t want to stretch this project out too long. Thus, I plan to set a deadline of this week. Placing a project end date is important because it will help me grow. In other words, I want to experience different types, mystical creatures. For example, I got a book on drawing dragons, and I’m excited to get back to it. In other news, I included the time-lapse video of my Phoenix; please let me know what you think?
  • Is it too fast?
  • Do the credits suck?
  • Is the music any good?
  • Should I talk?
  • Should I scrap this idea?
  • Do I need an in video webcam of me?

What’s Crackin’ \ (•◡•) /

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