Sketches are Underway First Round

Sketches are Underway

I’m going to start getting into the habit of deploying my sketches daily. I can’t promise it will be constant, but I’ll try my best. In other news, I titled this series Sketches are Underway, which I’ll explain later. I’ll aim to release them during night-time because I usually sketch during the day. Let me know if this bothers you or your okay?

Sketches are Underway
Sketches are Underway


I created a list of titles, and I had to choose one from this list. It was a tough decision, but I went with the Sketches are Underway because it sounded fun and original. Please let me know what you think or if I should add more to this list? Though I know, people don’t do things for free, so I’m giving you a tool that I used to give me idea’s on generating a few titles. In fact, I used a tool called because it creates views of what people search. For example, it produces questions prepositions, comparisons, alphabetical and related commonly searched articles. For example, in the search, I typed in sketches and got the results in this link. If you’re new to the site, then check out my bio on the Striving to Become a Professional Artist.

Answer the Public Example
Answer the Public Example
  • Ordinary “…”
  • “…” to “…”
  • Someone who “…” pictures
  • who makes “…”
  • the artist who “…”
  • what “…” to draw
  • “…” are UnderwaySounds fun
  • “…” when bored

Sketches of Phoenix

I broke my phoenix at the following points. In other words, you can call these layers with different blending modes. Several people created the full test image. During my ski trip to Killington, I had asked a few of my friends to add lines anywhere they wished. The more lines they draw, the more ideas came to my mind. As a result, I blended a few edges, and I saw a beautiful phoenix. I plan to continue working this and update you with my results. In the near feature, I plan to start my stories again. Such as Mystery: How to Create Flow & Improve Interest?

  • Full Test
  • Lines
  • Red Color without lines
  • Red Color
  • Idea

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Tilt Brush

Over the weekend, I decided to experiment further with Tilt Brush VR. It’s a fantastic tool that lets you create art in 3-dimensional space. In other words, you use your hands to control everything from your palette to your brushes. For example, I was able to bring in a reference image and pin it in 3D space. What do you think? Nice eh?

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