Valentines Day Experience in Review 2018

Valentines Day in Review 2018

To show my Valentines day experience, I choose to write about it. In other words, I want you to experience what I felt during my day. For Example, people have several ways to celebrate it. My morning started with my alarm waking me up 15 minutes earlier than usual. I had made plans to leave on time so that I can make it for my painting event. After painting, I had planned to have dinner at Salaam Bombay. It’s an Indian restaurant a few blocks away from the Muse Paintbar. Also, it serves buffet-style lunch. Then I went home.

Valentines Day Experience in Review 2018
Valentines Day Experience in Review 2018

Valentines Day Experience in Review

I came to work early today to paint. I left work around 6 pm and walked down Chambers street. I used google maps app on my 360 Google Watch while listening to my favorite podcast. “Your Moms House.” Then, I made a right turn on Greenwich street and walked a few blocks and saw a big sign, Muse Paint Bar. I took off my headphones and sent out a few messages and walked in. I expected a restaurant bar, kind of like two business in one. A counter at the front, the hallway filled with canvas and painting easels. The instructors were bartending and signing us up for the lesson. When I got my self-registered, I hung my work costume in the closet and walked over to the back to find my seat. I got a call from a friend about a ski trip and walked into the bathroom downstairs. Lots of different paintings for sale. I saw a picture of bears and a lady riding it away from the sun. It was worth 750$.

How do people decide the worth of a painting?

  • Time spent
  • Stress level
  • Similar paintings

What else should I add to this list? I’m Striving to Become a Professional Artist, I wrote that article because I want to get in bed with the field. For example, the best way to do so is to ask questions and experience it.

Leaving Muse Paintbar

We finished painting and said our goodbyes. After using the bathroom and washing my hands, I got back upstairs to grab my art and went with my friend. In my mind, I thought what a horrible experience. I left with a beautiful picture, but I felt like I can’t reproduce what I had created. In other words, the class shows you step by step how to break down a painting. What do you guys suggest I do in a class like that? In other words, how do I make the most out of this experience? Don’t get me wrong; it’s a great idea for Valentine’s day experience. For example, the fun will be when you and your partner try to work together on a painting. If you’re interested in trying it out and want to thank me, you can use my referral code, Muse-71E2s. When you apply it at checkout, we both earn $10!

Salaam Bombay (Quick Overview)

It is a short walk over to Salaam Bombay. When we got to the place we ate and order the following items

  • Lamb shish kebab, chicken chettinadu, bhindi masala, spinach soup, roti, and rice
  • Water and Gin and Tonic

Final Thoughts and Announcements

What do you think of my writing style and grammar?

I signed up for premium version “Grammarly” because I want to learn how to write better. Be that as it may, I was thinking of joining more art contest. For example, I checked ArtStation and deviant art. I noticed the beneath the waves contest. I was thinking of doing it even though it’s over. What do you guys think?

In other news, I want to find a way to share the current progress of my drawings. In other words, small nib bits of my experience making it. People don’t give feedback because they want something in return. I am not sure how to work this out. Completely unrelated, I got an email from my favorite computer hardware company, EVGA. Can this be a suitable reward?

They are running a giveaway. If you want to win extra gear from EVGA, please check out this page It will give me and you an entry into the contest.

What was your Valentines day experience like?

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