Varnish: How to make Skiing Exciting?

Killington 2017 Inspiration Feature

Varnish Trip Home 🏠

Adding varnish to my day, I decided to visit my girl’s parents place, the night before my ski trip. Not to mention, my girlfriend and I were leaving early in the morning. In the same light, her dad left early for work, so we took the bus to the train station. After all, we took the bus and left for the train. Finally reaching Atlantic terminal train stop and part ways.

The Eventual Packing Cube 🍱

Soon, I made it home to pack for the ski trip. In the same light, I’m glad I started early. Not to mention, I’m not a guru at packing! For example, I purchased AmazonBasics 4-Piece Packing Cube and Osprey Packs Ultra Light. I was able to fit all my regular and ski clothes into a DAKINE Limited Fall Line Ski Roller Bag. Yet, this year I’ve created a simple packing list and used it as a checklist. In other words, it helped me not forget my ski pants! All things considered, I plan to share it with you because it does speed up my pack and it will help you too!

The Chill Zone 🛀

Then I chilled and watched Charisma on Command. To be sure, it’s a show about improving your conversation with people around you. Including, this small gist of useful knowledge:

…Learn how to be more confident, how to make people laugh, how to be more likable – basically everything about exuding charisma. Relationships in life are everything, so we want to teach you to turn on your most confident, charismatic self in the moments that matter most.

The First Ski Trip of the Season 🎿🏂

My Goal was to meet people on the bus to show them my art and grow my ski abilities. Yet, trying not to shit my self. For example, during my visit to my girlfriend parents place, I learned that my stomach was hurting. Before my ski trip, I was getting nervous with my pack. Thus, it made me want to go even more. What should I do now?

Trip Down 42 Street, Times Square 🚆

Bad idea to carry a big double ski big bag down 44 street or anywhere near 6 through 8 Ave. Never again! It’s a mob scene during rush hour. Yet, coming out of the subway, I couldn’t find an elevator at my stop, so I ended lugging my heavy ski bag up the subway steps. Again, so many theatre and restaurant places, but huge lines on the street. As a result, it made it so much harder for me to get to my destination. Thus, next time, I will take a cab, save myself the grief and hardship.

Featured Image 🖼️

I started with a rough sketch using the sketchbook app. Yet, it wasn’t until a few weeks later where I decided to ink it and tighten up the line work. Then, I colored it by using marquee and paint bucket. Finally, I added multiply and screen layers to add shadow and highlights.

Ski Trip Notes 🗒️

  • Met a friend on the bus that is into Chinese medicine, snowboarder.
  • Didn’t know who I was booking with
  • For dinner, I had some salad. Ready to ski some blues.
  • In the Morning, I got water for my Camelbak 70oz. Will be adding a lemon to keep my energy up.
  • Had a hard time Skiing with my ski boots. They hurt my bunions on my toes.
  • Saturday night, had a blast at a local bar. A DJ did a good job keeping us moving on our feet.

Reading List 📚

SKI Trip Killington Varnish
SKI Trip Killington Varnish

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