Mercy Can Have Closure and So Can I

Mercy Dragon

Mercy For the Simple 👼

Please have mercy, today was a simple day, more straightforward than usual. I woke up with a plan to visit my girl. In the same light, I needed to pack. I knew I would be staying for a few days. As a result, I packed two pairs of everything. For example, I got my socks and underwear. Yet, I dislike packing because I never have any way to organize. Thus, a few months ago I put in some time and researched ways to pack better. Thereupon, I discovered packing cubes and simplified my life. After I finished packing and getting ready, I left to catch my train to work.

The Timeless Knowledge Train 🚂

My train ride seemed longer today. I forgave the train for its lateness. Then, I started working on a dragon head in 3/4 view. In other words, this view is harder to draw because it shows action and direction. Besides, I started reading Dragonart: How to Draw Fantastic Dragons and Fantasy Creatures. For example, from that book, I created a few sketches of circle and line shapes. Also, I made sure that I used a blue pencil because it will make it easier to sketch on top with a red pencil. Thus, you can achieve a cleaner and faster result. If you combine layers, pencil color and lower the opacity. Without delay, my train reached its destination and I rushed out to reach work.

Can thoughts be actionable? 🎬

At work, I had many different thoughts. For example, I had wanted to resolve some coding issues for a while. Yet, all I can say is that the day was productive and work got done. In contrast, I had some issues with WordPress Publicize. Also, I got upset at the engineers, but I showed mercy and asked them to add a new feature. For one thing, I learned that many of the connected services do not include the tags I create for the post. For this reason, I lose impressions on Twitter and other social platforms. Yet, Tumblr is the only service that posts the tags. Thus, after speaking with “Happiness Engineers”, they recommend trying somethings. Either getting a plugin or inserting tags into the custom message. Afterword, the day went by fast and I made my way to my girl’s place.

Reading List 📚

What’s Crackin’ \ (•◡•) /

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