Nest Inside a Large Crater; He slept

Nest Front Face Dragon

Morning Dragon Nest 🐲

I woke up with lots of energy, jumped out of my nest and ready to go! Not even close, I had to reward myself with an extra 6 mins of sleep. As a matter of fact, my mind didn’t want to shut up with noise about the alarm going off in a few minutes. By the same token, I got up, made some cereal and got ready for work. With the intention, of making it to the train station and getting to drawing my dragon.

Short Train Ride 🚆

Without delay, I sat down and started drawing! Then again, I sat down elbow to elbow between two beauties and got nervous for a moment. Yet, I thought for a moment that my goal is to become an awesome artist. In light of that, I immediately pulled out my pen and tablet to start drawing. Likewise, I opened up DragonArt book and flipped to the page with a dragon head. As a matter of fact, you can get Dragonart: How to Draw Fantastic Dragons and Fantasy Creatures on Amazon. To the end of that, I was able to create a quick dragon sketch as my train neared the final stop.

Nest Dragon During Lunch
Nest Dragon During Lunch

At Work, Lunch is a Precious Time! ⏰

Sooner or later, I arrived to work and put on my computer programmer hat. Despite, lunch came around and allowed me to work on my blog. Not only, I was able to take a few quick snapshot of my dragon, food, and book. Not to mention, I posted to Instagram because I heard its a good idea to share small snippets of work. By the same token, you can read Extend Your Blog’s Reach with Instagram. Of course, that time went by fast, back to work and then home to write you a blog post!

Nesting my Feet into Ski Boots
Nesting my Feet into Ski Boots

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