Doodle 101: Live-streaming, multi-stream, and Art Education

Doodle 101 Art Duplication 11.17.2020

Hi, friends, the other day, I worked on our live-streaming platform for doodle 101. During that time, I built a small PowerShell script to replace the text within a file. OBS has a widget that allows me to select a text file and present the contents on the screen. In effect, the script will increase engagement with the audience by providing them with some nid bits about me. Then, I plan to give the code away on Gumroad or Patreon, or my blog for a small optional donation. In short, I’m glad that the code is working on our live-streaming platform for doodle 101.

Doodle Plan 101

On Monday and Tuesday, I plan to multistream both Education and Duplication events for Doodle 101. While writing my morning pages, I thought to myself why people don’t live-stream to multiple platforms. My brother and I started using, which provides us with a way to send our feed to many sources. However, the chat in doesn’t offer a mod, so if I get chatters, I won’t keep up with all of them. At the moment, I’m sending my feed to Facebook, Twitch, Periscope, Picarto, and YouTube. Overall, I’m excited about multistreaming both Education and duplication for doodle 101. 

On Monday, we live-stream the Education DIET event for the doodle 101. Together we worked on carving out a follow illustration for Twitch Streamlabs. Streamlabs is a platform to allow me to automate tasks during my live-stream. One of the functions is an alert box with a fancy image with text. However, I wanted to create a custom illustration and test it out. Then, I went on a hunt on YouTube and searched for a few tutorials on the topic. I found the “How I made emotes for Twitch and discord” video and tried to implement some of it during the live-stream. Altogether, we live-streamed the education DIET and learned a bit about automating emotes in Streamlabs for doodle 101.

Duplication Art ~ 11.17.2020 ~ Bow-wow

Finish Line

To wrap up, I leave you with a question at the end, go ahead and try it. Then either post the answers in the comments or create a blog post. Also, you can reach out to me on my contact page and shoot me an email. Now, for the best part, Divi is hosting the new 2020 iMac giveaway. If you want to participate, follow my link to enter the contest to win the iMac. Finally, for doodle 101, I’m sharing a few related articles that might interest you, and the Twitch follows emote illustration.

If you ever had many things going on in your event, how do you gain control without going crazy?

Go ahead and try to answer the question in the comments for the Doodle 101
Doodle 101 Art Duplication 11.17.2020
Doodle 101 Art Duplication 11.17.2020

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