Doodle 94: Gael Level, Twitch, blog schedule

Doodle 94 Art Education 11.2.2020

Hi, friends, the other day, I discovered Gael Level on YouTube, who gave me many tips on improving Twitch content for doodle 94. He said that we should avoid using negative language to describe ourselves. For example, please don’t say things like I’m a boring person who likes to write poetry. People will believe that and leave your blog. Also, he mentioned that people who visit our content want to feel relaxed, have fun, and be happy. Therefore, let’s keep it light and explore what Gael Level has to say for Doodle 94.

Doodle Plan 94

Table of contents

As you might have guessed, I love the Twitch platform for Doodle 94, and today, I’m planning to stream about the Art Education DIET. Also, I put together a page discussing the live streaming details with DIET, so when you have time, go ahead and check it out. Meanwhile, the Twitch platform is great because it has a category for artists. As well, the tooling it provides makes it easy to share your content. For example, Streamlabs OBS is similar to Open Broadcaster Software, but it features AlertBox and CloudBot integrated into it. That means you can add things without going to a website or third party tool to set up a widget. Therefore, let’s keep exploring Twitch for Doodle 94.

Art Education Live on Nov 2, 2020 Inspired by Cute Rock Tutorial

Finish Line

I decided to amend my blogging schedule because I’m excited about Twitch and Streaming for doodle 94. After broadcasting my Art Education yesterday and running into so many issues, I realized I need to make room for a new passion. We will have a shared schedule, so nobody is surprised when a new post is coming. Should we put it on the about page? Or would it be better suited for the blog landing? Or should I keep it a surprise? Therefore, I’m excited about Twitch and streaming, so I include a recorded Art Education video for the doodle 94.

To wrap up, I leave you with a question, go ahead and try to answer it. Also, you can reach out to me on my contact page and shoot me an email. Finally, for drawing plan 94, I’m sharing a few related articles that might interest you and drawing from my live Twitch Stream.

What do you do when you have too many passions? How do you organize your time?

Go ahead and try to answer the question in the comments for the doodle 94
Doodle 94 Art Education 11.2.2020
Art Education 11.2.2020

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