Doodle 92: Late Hate, TV and Food, IINYC with Twitch, and Rock

doodle 92 Big Balanced Rock Chiricahua National Park

Hi, friends, every evening, I’m doing the late hate or going to bed at midnight for the doodle 92. It’s like that for several days now, and I have some ideas. For example, we will use a calendar and indicate with a star when we do not follow the rule. Then at the end of the month, each person will have a balance, and the one with the most stars will buy dinner for the next two weeks. Initially, we were planning to use it for waking late, and I want to see if we can use it for both events. Therefore, I hate going to bed late, and I want to do something about it for doodle 92. 

92 Doodle Moodle

Meanwhile, TV and eating is another cause for concern for going to bed late for doodle 92. For example, eating while watching TV makes me lose track of my goals. I don’t yet have a robust way to get up and stop watching TV. However, I can eat dinner without TV. Then, I can use that time to focus on my goals and reward my future self. Such as thirty minutes of TV or candy. Meanwhile, going back to accountability, I can use the calendar system to add a star when I miss my mark. Thus, let’s solve the TV and eating going to bed late issue for doodle 92. 

Calendar to Keep track of late nights
Calendar to Keep track of late nights

Earlier, the Imaginative Illustrators of NYC meet at 6:30 pm, and I didn’t do any of the prompts for the doodle 92. Gael Level inspired me to focus on improving my social interest in Twitch. I spent time illustrating overlay ideas and setting up lights for visual appeal. For example, the lights are white LEDs clipped on a black cage, and it comes with a small remote to control the light mode. After setting up the LEDs, I started thumbnailing the overlays. For example, I went to Pinterest and let the pen do all the work. I noticed that the overlays don’t have too many circles, so I started changing the shapes. In the end, I didn’t focus on the prompts for IINYC, but my Twitch channel for doodle 92. 

Finish Line for Doodle 92

I had the opportunity to do another illustration of a Big Balanced Rock doodle 92. Also, the location is near southeastern Arizona. Besides, if you search on Pinterest for a Big Balanced rock formation, you can compare how I captured the features. While I was illustrating, I started a Twitch stream to share my progress in a live format. However, the new design is relatively new to me, so it will take me some time to adjust to the new way of sharing my work. Therefore, let’s keep doing rock studies for doodle 92. new Twitch.Player(“twitch-embed”, { video: “786120295” });

To wrap up, I leave you with a question, go ahead and try to answer it. Also, you can reach out to me on my contact page and shoot me an email. Finally, for drawing plan 92, I leave you with a few related articles that might interest you.

Do you use Twitch to stream? What is essential to you entertaining the audience or focusing on your craft?

Go ahead and try to answer the question in the comments for the doodle 92
doodle 92 Big Balanced Rock Chiricahua National Park
Big Balanced Rock Chiricahua National Park

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