Drawing plan 90: Journal Emotions, Collect Info, and OBS Overlay

Drawing Plan 90 Halong Bay Vietnam South East Asia

Hi, colleagues, yesterday, for the drawing plan 90, I came up with two ways to control my emotions when somebody upsets you. For the first set, i will focus on the self, and then in the next paragraph, you will get additional advice on approaching the person. For example, whenever you feel angry, write down your thoughts and acknowledge that your upset. Then, understand that anger is a sign that something is not right. Meanwhile, do not, under any circumstance, negatively act on your anger. Besides, giving additional offense on top of anger has a nasty multiplier effect. In the end, what you need to do write down your positive ideas. Thus, let’s try to control our emotions for the drawing plan 90. 

Plan 90

Time needed: 30 minutes.

After you had some time to reflect on your thoughts:

  1. Go back to the person, and collect some information.

    Don’t commit to your anger until you know them better.

  2. For instance, ask them how they are feeling.

    Put yourself in their shoe for a moment and see why they did what they did.

  3. See if they need help with something, and wash away the anger.

After the person feels better, try to tell them about your feelings. For example, you may let them know that something they did made you feel upset. Also, doing it that way helps you plan out your true intentions and aids you see the bigger picture. For one, while we were upset, we didn’t realize that the other person was going through something too! Thus, let’s try to collect a bit more info on the drawing plan 90.

I’m going to try to put these big ideas into practice, and I want to credit Julie Carmen, who wrote the book The Artist Way, and my girl for inspiring me. Let’s keep going with the drawing plan 90. 

Learning to use Overlay with OBS

For the drawing plan 90, I had the opportunity to learn about setting up an Overlay with Open Broadcaster Software. Instead of working on my artwork, I focused my hour on iterating on a template I put together some time ago. For example, I put together my streaming soon and active templates pictured below. For instance, I used my comic font for Instagram and website. Moreso, I overestimated the difficulty in completing the task and didn’t get a lick of drawing done. As a result, I spent the full hour learning Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) for the drawing plan 90. 

Nevertheless, let us close out with Halong Bay, illustration for the drawing plan 90. Also, the location is near the South East Asia, Vietnam. Besides, if you search on Pinterest for a famous rock formation, Halong Bay, you can compare how I captured the features. While I was illustrating, I remember getting frustrated with the angle. The next day, I choose to do the same image, but I changed the focus and measured from the center. In other words, I used the negative space in the middle to size the rest of the image. In the end, I will share a better illustration of Halong Bay on Wednesday for the drawing plan 90.  

Finish Line

To wrap up, I leave you with a question, go ahead and try to answer it. Also, you can reach out to me on my contact page and shoot me an email. Finally, for drawing plan 90, I leave you with a few related articles that might interest you.

How do you handle emotions? What techniques do you try before committing to anger?

Go ahead and try to answer the question in the comments for the drawing plan 90
Drawing Plan 90 Halong Bay Vietnam South East Asia
Halong Bay Vietnam South East Asia

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