Drawing plan 77: Terrytown, Lyndhurst, and Aspiring Artists

Drawing Plan 77 Goblin Valley State Park Utah

Hi, friends, for the drawing plan 77, yesterday we traveled to Terry Town and had a good time. For example, the town has a lot of history. Also, it’s known for it’s a headless horseman and historic Cemetery near the Sleepy Hallows area. While I don’t grasp the story behind headless horseman, the Cemetery was interesting. For example, a friend of mine told us a story of a stone carving of an angel whose popularity rose and suddenly fell. For instance, many people wanted to mimic and have that angel represent them in some way. Such as a statue for a burial. Besides, the angel’s inspiration, whose artist chose the face, was a dancer who gives special services to men. Therefore, I enjoyed the stories at the Cemetery, so let’s travel more to Terry Town.

Table of contents

After the Cemetery, the drawing plan 77 took us to Terry Town Lake Park and then to Rockefeller State Park, followed by Lyndhurst Mansion. All mentions were interesting, but most notable was the Mansion. Also, it was probably the first historical castle I saw in person. According to Google, it’s a “19th-century Gothic Revival mansion set on a 67-acre estate with a self-guided audio tour.” While the museum part wasn’t open, we walked around the area and enjoyed the scenic views and the Rose gardens from a distance.

Plan 77

For the drawing plan 77, Aspiring Artists met at 8:30 am to learn about their topics. Education is a fundamental part of drawing because when we recognize what different artists do, we will see similarities or differences that may warrant questions in our minds. For example, a teacher might show how to draw rocks using primitive shapes while another might illustrate them using a Zentangle approach. Otherwise, the review is useful. We will also go on YouTube or other teaching platforms to learn. Therefore, as Aspiring Artists, let’s illustrate together and move the finish line of the drawing plan 77.

Art DIET Education Demo

Finish Line

Nevertheless, let us close out with the rock study drawing of the Goblin Valley State Park Utah. Also, I will leave you with a question in the comments, go ahead and try to answer it. Finally, at the end of the drawing plan 77, a few related articles might interest you.

How was your weekend? Also, what did you do this weekend? 🤔

Go ahead and try to answer the question in the comments for the drawing plan 77
Drawing Plan 77 Goblin Valley State Park Utah
Goblin Valley State Park Utah

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