Drawing plan 71: Buzz, buzz. Waste, waste. Reuse, reuse.

Drawing plan 71 Shilin National Scenic Area

Hi, friends, for the drawing plan 71, I’m working diligently on 250 box challenge. I’m excited because once I finish, it will improve my skills. At the moment, I’m curious how to visualize the box to my goal. Say, for example, and I want to draw a chair from a particular perspective. Then, I see a cube without thinking about all the details, and I can rotate it in my mind and start sketching it. Therefore, my goal of completing the challenge is vital to improving my skills, so let’s buzz on over to the next set of drawing plan 71.

250 Box Challenge

The other day, I upgraded my Mac OS to 10.15.17, and it left me so frustrated. For example, it broke my Bamboo Wacom drivers. In particular, it required me to go on GitHub and request help from a developer to look into the issue. Also, I guess the biggest understandable annoyance is that Wacom themselves stopped supporting a perfectly serviceable device. It would then be great if Wacom offered a trade-in program and upgrade my hardware to continue drawing. Thus, I’m left frustrated at Wacom and the waste for the drawing plan 71.

Drawing Plan 71

This morning I wrote about my dream of building a computer desk for the drawing plan 71. I dreamt of a person coming over and assisting me with all the planning to make it happen. Also, I have most of the parts at my mom’s apartment. Then, I need to work out all the details to swap out all the components whenever it’s time to upgrade. Finally, it ties into my dream of not wasting too much and reusing the resources for the drawing plan 71.

Finish Line

Nevertheless, let us close out with the rock study drawing of the Shilin National Scenic Area. Also, I will leave you with a question in the comments, go ahead and try to answer it. Finally, at the end of the drawing plan 71, a few related articles might interest you.

What challenge are you working on for the month? 🤔

Question of the day – Drawing plan 71
Drawing plan 71 Shilin National Scenic Area
Shilin National Scenic Area

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