Drawing Plan 68: Yell, yell. Bubble, bubble. Ding, ding.

drawing plan 68 Green Apophyllite

Hi, friends, for the drawing plan 68, Aspiring Artists will meet at 8:30 am, and I’m excited to try something new. For example, I will ask the participants to assist in reading the materials. In other words, during the Art DIET education session, we will review the Reuben Lara’s education page. In the past, I read everything and tried to explain it. However, I will ask participants to be part of the guiding. Therefore, it will help with learning and ownership of the material. Anyhow, let’s yell over to the next set of the drawing plan 68.

Art Education Demo

For the drawing plan 68, the Art Education session is a fundamental part of learning to draw. When we observe different artists, we will see similarities or differences that may warrant questions in our minds. For example, a teacher might show how to draw rocks using primitive shapes while another might illustrate them using a Zentangle approach. Otherwise, the review is useful. We will also go on YouTube or other teaching platforms to learn. Thus, art Education is a vital part of our toolset to get ahead, so let’s bubble over to the drawing plan 68.

Drawing Plan 68

For the drawing plan 68, I’m thrilled to try out my new idea of using rocks tutorials on DeviantArt. For example, on the website, I can search for rock studies and favorite creative work, then choose a list to save it. Afterword, I can refer to the list and possibly share my work on DeviantArt to showcase my progress using the tutorial. For instance, I will try to attach the image in the DeviantArt comments to the linking tutorial. Therefore, go ahead and check out my setup to try it out for your topic. Finally, let’s ding and wrap up the drawing plan 68.

Finish Line

Nevertheless, let us close out with the rock study drawing of the Green Apophyllite. Also, I will leave you with a question in the comments, go ahead and try to answer it. Finally, at the end of the drawing plan 68, a few related articles might interest you.

drawing plan 68 Green Apophyllite
Green Apophyllite Rock Study

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