Drawing plan 58: Cackle, chatter, cheep, chirp, chomp, choo-choo

Drawing plan 58 Lost City Rock Formations Australia

Hi, friends, for the drawing plan 58 yesterday, to my surprise, I had multiple creative individuals enter the Meetup. I run Aspiring Artists of NYC at 8:30 am. During the Meetup, we use the idea of spaced learning to speed up our process. Also, it’s formally known as Art DIET, designed by Reuben Lara. Then, on Friday, we cover Art Invention. In the end, multiple creative individuals pushed my passionate self into an overdrive guide mode, so let’s cackle over to the drawing plan 58.

One of the creative individuals told me about Phil’s Design Corner. I was also excited to find out that the man runs a Blogger site and posts his course work. Meanwhile, I’m thinking to myself how the heck I’m going to fit everything into my schedule. Regardless, Phil explains things in such a way where you can easily understand the material. Then, I watched his perspective and basic shapes video. Also, it’s an hour-long, but you won’t get bored. Therefore, listen to your peers, lets chatter over to the drawing plan 58.

Drawing Plan 58

For the drawing plan 58, no Meetup today with the Aspiring Artists of NYC, but lots of running around. Also, I need to pick up some pillows and something to wear on my feet. Then, I need some comfortable boots for the winter and haven’t had too much luck with my oddly shaped feet. Hopefully, during the time, I will get to illustrate a few rocks for my studies. That’s right, I’m doing them, and I’m up to my 8th set or 80th set of 10. Finally, if all the running around ends well, let’s chirp over to the drawing plan 58.

Art DIET Education Demo

Finish Line

Nevertheless, let us close out with the rock study drawing of the Lost City Rock Formations Australia. Finally, at the end of the drawing plan 58, a few related articles might interest you.

Drawing plan 58 Lost City Rock Formations Australia
Lost City Rock Formations Australia

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