Drawing plan 55: Squirt, sprinkle, spray, splash. Dribble, drip

Drawing plan 55 Cenote & Akumal Snorkel Turtle Bay

Hi, friends, for the drawing plan 55, yesterday, my friend Nito sent me a YouTube link. In the video, Neal Adams shows the best way to hold a pen for inking comics. Then, and to my surprise, I learned that it’s better to draw using the soft parts of your fingers. In the morning, I wrote out my journal using the techniques, but I noticed that I need to unlearn my habits to overcome the pain. Also, why go through the trouble? Well, because it makes for looser illustrations, and being flexible improves line quality and confidence. Anyhow, let’s try to squirt over to the drawing plan 55.

Nail Adams shows best way to hold pen for inking comics

I am sprinkling away from holding a pencil and moving towards writing. Some of my thinking was about writing and drawing. For example, how do I get more ideas instead of doodling and getting frustrated that I have nothing but boxes in perspective? Everybody learns differently, so maybe my way is to write a small blurb describing stuff until I want to illustrate it. Therefore, I spent some of my time looking into how to start a comic book.

I watched a video the other day, and I memorized steps on building up a story. Also, for the drawing plan 55, the task is to come up with a protagonist. Then, I was thinking of going online and finding comics to read—starting a collection and mix and match ideas into my comic. Also, Adam Duff, another YouTuber, had mentioned that it’s better to put inspiration on the table instead of temporary motivations. Therefore, I need to go out there and find what I like and try to make it mine. Anyhow, let’s spray over to the drawing plan 55.

Drawing Plan 55

First, I don’t have a Meetup for the Aspiring Artists, but tomorrow, we will meet at 8:30 am for Art DIET Tracing. Also, our group is growing slowly. We are now almost 90 strong creative members. More importantly, I encourage you to look at least and see what kind of art we are creating. Then, It might inspire you to do something great. Don’t neglect your inner child. Finally, let’s dribble over to the Drawing plan 55. 

Tracing Rock Demo

Finish Line

Nevertheless, let us close out with the rock study drawing of the Loboten Islands in Norway. Finally, at the end of the drawing plan 55, a few related articles might interest you.

Drawing plan 55 Cenote & Akumal Snorkel Turtle Bay
Cenote & Akumal Snorkel Turtle Bay

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