Drawing Plan 53: Chatter, Clap, Click. Thud, thump, tweet. Warble.

Drawing Plan 53 Hoodoo Rock Formations Utah National Park

Hi, friends, for the drawing plan 53, yesterday was mostly about chores in the morning, MoMa museum, and watching Alphonse book get plagiarised. The duties went okay. Also, I made a few mistakes cleaning the toilet and tub. Then, I need to scrub harder and clean the surfaces around the shampoo dispensers. I think we finished cleaning in two hours before we decided to take a cab to the Museum. Anyhow, let’s chatter along to the drawing plan 53.

MoMa is excellent, but we couldn’t find the tickets. We checked our email, but nothing showed up. Lucky for us, the admissions were able to find our tickets and showed us the way into the building. Upon entry, we gravitated towards the open areas with status. Then we made our way to the fourth floor. Also, that floor had paintings from Mark Rothko and Pollack. However, my favorite was Lee Krasner in combat with the canvas. Lastly, MoMa is excellent, so let’s try to clap along to the drawing plan 53.

  • Combat with Canvus
  • MoMa Museum Lee Krasner Combat with Canvus
  • Drawing Plan 53 MoMa Musem

Later, I made it home for lunch, and I found myself watching YouTube Jake Parker Plagiarized Alphonso Dunn’s book. It was interesting to me because I haven’t seen it in person. I mean, I haven’t seen a book plagiarized publicly. Especially in the artist community, I’m surprised to see such a wrong move. Then, I was immediately intrigued and curious about what the drama is all about. In short, Jake may be stealing content from Alphonso, such as concepts and layout, or flow in his new book InkTober.

Drawing Plan 53

For the drawing plan 53, at 8:30 am, I will start the Art Education Zoom Meetup with Aspiring Artists. Art Education is vital because if we want to learn quickly, it’s best to use what we know and pull similar ideas by watching different instructors. If you see something other then great, you learned something new. For example, a teacher might show you how to draw rocks using primitive shapes while another might illustrate them using the Zentangle approach. In the end, it’s all a helpful review.

Draw Rocks Aug Diet Education

Finish Line

Nevertheless, let us close out with the rock study drawing of the Loboten Islands in Norway. Finally, at the end of the drawing plan 53, a few related articles might interest you.

Drawing Plan 53 Hoodoo Rock Formations Utah National Park
Hoodoo Rock Formations Utah National Park

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