Drawing Plan 51: Sprinkle, dribble, drizzle. Murmur, chatter, clatter.

Drawing plan 51 Owl Church Rock Monument Valley Tribal Park Agathla Peak

Hi, friends, for the drawing plan 51, yesterday, I was on Zoom call for our meetup Aspiring Artists. I say us because everybody is welcome to be part of it.

Art DIET Invention Aspiring Artists Rock Studies

Before the meetup started, I was dead tired and wasn’t expecting anybody to join the room. Also, it was Art DIET Invention day, where we show our skills. In other words, its a collection of everything we learned thus far. Anyhow, let’s try to sprinkle along to the drawing plan 51.

From what I spot, four people RSVP, but only two showed up. Also, I think that’s a good turnout for a meetup with only 60 plus members and an 8:30 am start time.

I had a work Zoom event were we catch up with co-workers. Long story short, a co-worker calls me out, tells everybody in the room that his daughter draws better than me. I was butt hurt, as Trent would say. Man, you know what pissed me off the most? The man doesn’t go to any of my social media channels or reach out to me to see what trials I went to though to get to where I am today.

I didn’t get upset. Then, I played it off and made a witty joke. Also, I told my colleagues that I got like three seconds of fame, and his daughter stole the show. Lastly, let’s dribble, to the drawing plan 51.

Drawing Plan 51

For the drawing, no Zoom Aspiring Artists meetup today, but come Monday, we will meet for Art DIET Education at 8:30 am. Also, I need to update my live streaming page.

I’m no longer streaming on Instagram, which is odd because I build up a habit. However, the new meetup is way more productive. For example, I’m accountable in the morning to guide my visiting to start illustrating what is inside their mind’s eye. Finally, let’s clatter up the drawing plan 51, move to the finish line.

Art DIET Rock Education

Finish Line

Nevertheless, let us close out with the rock study drawing of the Owl Church Rock Monument Valley Tribal Park Agathla Peak. Finally, at the end of the drawing plan 51, a few related articles might interest you.

Owl Church Rock Monument Valley Tribal Park Agathla Peak
Owl Church Rock Monument Valley Tribal Park Agathla Peak

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