Drawing Plan 46: Bawl, bawl. Mumble, mumble. Chatter. Chatter.

Drawing plan 46 Singing Muse for Krillin DBZ

Hi, friends, for the drawing plan 46, yesterday, was a day about recovery and lots of chores. Then, I spent the morning cleaning the bathrooms and, I think I’m starting to become an expert.

Firstly, the cleaning process begins with a pour of the cleaning fluid into the toilet. Then I scrub the bowl till I see the foam.

Afterword, I send Bobby the robot to pick up all the particles off the floor.

Later, I had to wash the glass mirrors with water and a microfiber cloth.

Then take the bathroom detergent and spray all the countertops and let it sit for a few seconds. Then was it down with water. Repeat the same steps for the floor and the tub.

Then start on the other smaller bathroom. The order is urgent because I don’t want to get in the way of the vacuum cleaning step. Finally, let’s try to chatter along to the drawing plan 46.

After the cleaning was finished, I worked on a pro liner two chair assembly. Also, I didn’t complete the task until evening because I made a few mistakes. For instance, I put the handles backward. At one point, I thought I was missing parts. Man, I’m so glad the chair is a non-issue.

Finally, let’s bawl over to the drawing plan 46 and discuss today.

Drawing Plan 46

Demo of DIET Art Education

For the drawing plan 46, I will live stream the last broadcast on Instagram TV for the DIET series. However, I will continue to run the Meetup Aspiring Artists of NYC. Also, AANYC will have the Art DIET section, duplication, invention, education, and tracing events. Besides, I put together a page that has all the parts defined. For example, we will meet virtually over zoom at 8:30 am. Therefore, not much will change, but the platform I’m using to collaborate to learn together. Finally, let’s try to wrap up the drawing plan 46 and move to the finish line.

Finish Line

Nevertheless, let us close out with the Singing Muse for Krillin DBZ. Finally, at the end of the drawing plan 46, a few related articles might interest you.

Time Lapse of Singing Muse for Krillin DBZ

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