Drawing Plan 35: Murmur, mumble, gurgle, grunt. Chatter, clang.

Arkansas's Rock Formations drawing plan 35

Hi, friends, for the drawing plan 35, yesterday, I had the imaginative illustrators meetup, our topics were night owl, seaside ballet and vinyl records. I decided to go with night owl because I felt interested in drawing the creature. I went over to Pinterest to get a few ideas and started sketching out the primary forms of a bird. An excellent way to illustrate is to find silhouettes because they strip out the details and allow me to study the shape language. Anyhow, let’s try to ding over to drawing plan 35.

Imaginative Illustrators of NYC Night Owl
Imaginative Illustrators of NYC Night Owl

Nothing unusual happened in the morning, but in the evening, my good friend reached out to me, and we finally started a new Meetup. He surprised me because I didn’t have a new name for the meetup. However, I know that our goal is to speed up the learning process, using collaboration. Besides, I want to include and practice the art DIET during Meetup events. Before we write too much, let’s try to grunt over to the drawing plan 35.

Aspiring Artists of NYC drawing plan 35
Aspiring Artists of NYC

The great thing about having a meetup is that it has enormous potential to bring likeminded individuals who also want to learn together. Okay, lets clang over to today’s plan.

Drawing Plan 35

For the drawing plan 35, I need to start cooking up descriptions for the new meetup, Aspiring Artists of NYC. Man, I forgot to mention the name in the last few lines—also, lookup on YouTube what people do when they have a meetup during the pandemic. I need to get some ideas to market the place.

Tracing Demo

Drawing plan 35 Afterword, we have the art DIET tracing live stream at 8:30 am, which will eventually transition into the meetup. Unless, of course, I find a way to squeeze both of them together in my busy schedule. The tracing live stream is about learning to control your line weight and improve line quality using various exercises. Also, we will cover simplification techniques over our topic. I will choose rocks as my topic but feel free to work on yours. Anyhow, let’s wrap up the drawing plan 35 and mumble over the finish line.

Finish Line

Nevertheless, let us close out with the rock study drawing of Arkansas’s Rock Formations.

Arkansas's Rock Formations drawing plan 35

What’s Crackin’ \ (•◡•) /

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