Drawing Plan 33: Gurgle, giggle. Chatter, blurt. Bang, bang!

drawing plan 33 - Hamelin Bay Beach Southern End Stingray Viewing Spot

Hi, friends, for the drawing plan 33, yesterday I worked with Apple to further understand my backup issue on my MacBook Pro. It turns out that Norton Antivirus was blocking the TimeMachine from completing my backups. My next step is to reach out to them and find out what I can do to prevent that from happening. Also, I want to speak with Apple and let them know what the solution requires. Anyhow, let’s try to move on to the drawing plan 33.

Drawing Plan 33, but First Rocks and Novice

Before I reach the drawing plan 33, I spent some time doing rocks studies with you. In fact, during the education live stream yesterday, I discovered something interesting. While sketching, I realized that I could not visualize the sides of a box while other boxes are in the way. I’m rushing to draw the cube, I need to figure out where the lights and darks belong too, and I cannot place my shadows and shine the light in the right location. So, I’m stuck for now. Hopefully, I will find a way to see it correctly. Man, let’s try to keep moving till we reach the drawing plan 33.

Similarly, while I was drawing the novice from Ragnarok, I had trouble with his backpack. Likewise, all of the shapes I was putting on gave me slowness and confusion. All of this during a live stream test on Twitch last night. I need to pay closer attention to the rock studies in the future and see why I’m getting stuck. I know Phil Design corner teaches us how to draw in perspective. Maybe I need to go back and revisit that video on YouTube. In the end, let’s wrap up and try to keep blurting to the drawing plan 33 and move on to today’s project.

Todays Plan

For the drawing plan 33, we will live stream duplication at 8:30 am and cover four tools to improve your art, such as perpendicular lines, negative forms, angles, and distances. Also, the section is part of a more massive toolset called DIET. Which span across four days, and if practiced repeatedly, you will see improvement. It set up in such a way that you learn with intention. Also, I set up a live streaming page for you to start learning and head on over to Reuben Lara’s site. Anyhow, I’ll see you there, and let’s wrap up the drawing plan 33.

Duplication Demo

Wrapping up

Nevertheless, let us close out with the rock study drawing of the Hamelin Bay Beach Southern End Stingray Viewing Spot.

drawing plan 33 - Hamelin Bay Beach Southern End Stingray Viewing Spot

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