Drawing Plan 31: Bustle, drizzle. Water plops. Clang-clink.

drawing plan 31 - Alien Head Fantasy Canyon

Hi, friends, let us talk about yesterday and then move to the drawing plan 31. The other day, we went upstate to push a bunch of bags of little pebbles uphill. It took us two hours on a bus from port authority to get the cottage. The house is on top of a hill with rocks set as the steps. At the top, we met the parents and ate a few snacks before we started moving the loads. Let’s keep plopping along to the drawing plan 31.

At the base of the hill, we set up the pushcarts with bungee ropes and tested different paths to go up the mountain. The most natural route was up left and up and around through the forest hill. Her dad would meet us at the base and mid-hill to help us push the carts or put the ropes on the carts. I think we moved around 20 bags of pebbles uphill. By the end of the experience, we got a great workout and learned about ropes. Anyhow, let us bustle over to the drawing plan 31.

Novice - Ragnarok - drawing plan 31
Novice – Ragnarok

On the way back home, I got to draw a little bit on the bus. I was watching Sami Jen illustrate hair on her original character because I was drawing a novice. A novice is a playable character in Ragnarok. It’s the first-class you start with when you join the game. Some time back, I sketched the drawing on paper, while on the bus, I took a picture of it. My goal is to color it in and make it look fabulous because I want to get that feeling of starting fresh in a game. Clang-clink, let us move to today’s drawing plan 31.

Drawing Plan 31

For the drawing plan 31, we will try to bike ride and then move to breakfast. Lots of chores for today, and hopefully, I can squeeze in some studies and drawings. What else do I need to do?

I need to ask my friend if he started making the Meetup I suggested because my live stream isn’t going so well. The live stream at 8:30 in the morning hasn’t gotten too much participation, so I want to try another route. Tomorrow, we will do a live stream for rock education based on the DIET plan. During the event, we will watch the video together on how to create rocks and try to follow along. Anyhow, let us wrap up the drawing plan 31 and move to the finish line.

Finish Line

Nevertheless, let us close out with the rock study drawing of the Alien Head Fantasy Canyon.

Alien Head Fantasy Canyon
Alien Head Fantasy Canyon

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