Drawing Plan 25: Drizzle, drizzle. Water plops. Giggle, clank.

Briar's Island Volcanic Rock Nova Scotia drawing plan 25

Hi, friends, let’s talk about yesterday and then move to the drawing plan 25. The other day was mostly about chores and cooking Russian borscht. I made the bathrooms sparkle. Then after lunch, we started chopping up veggies and boiling beats. Also, I don’t see why it takes us two hours to make it. Our mom makes it under an hour. It must be all the years of experience. Let us try to move to the drawing plan 25.

Oh and by the way, our washer broke yesterday. Then, it started to tumble and make crazy sounds. We checked it out, and it smelled like burning rubber. Man, I was telling myself how much I love going downstairs and dragging along wet laundry. Anyhow, lets keeping going until we reach the end of the drawing plan 25.

I didn’t get to draw, but I setup Clip Studio Paint on my iPad. Further, I recall that on Saturday, it was a pain in the butt. I couldn’t find the tools I needed to do simple things on a small screen. I want on YouTube and followed a tutorial until I had something working. Then, I ran out of time, and it was time to eat dinner. Okay, let us move away from yesterday.

Drawing Plan 25

For drawing plan 25, Vye needs to start illustrating more today and get better sleep. Besides, when I wrote the morning pages, I thought I was dragging some huge dead animal on my back. Today, at 8:30 am, we will start live streaming Education using DIET. Moreover, the ideas and credit go to Reuben Lara, who wrote out all the instructions in becoming an artist. Also, if you practice with intention, you will surely improve. Finally, I explained the details of the four parts on the landing page I created for the live stream. Let us wrap up the drawing plan 25.

Demo for Education Live Stream

Finish Line

Nevertheless, let us close out with the rock study drawing of the Briar’s Island Volcanic Rock Nova Scotia.

drawing plan 25 - Briar's Island Volcanic Rock Nova Scotia
Briar’s Island Volcanic Rock Nova Scotia

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