Blind Giraffe Genie Searching for Cure

Blind Giraffe

Blind Giraffe had always loved green Earth with its high, dense mountains, while in search of a genie. Also, it was a place where he felt fuzzy.

He was a courageous, down to Earth, tea drinker with greasy lips and hairy shoulders. Moreover, his friends saw him as a gleaming, gigantic giant. Once, he had even helped a sparkling Genie get out of his lamp. That’s the sort of man he was.

Blind Giraffe and Genie
Blind Giraffe and Genie

Giraffe walked over to the end of the road and reflected on his cozy surroundings. Meanwhile, the moon glowed like chatting rabbits.

Then he saw something in the distance, or preferably someone. Also, it was the figure of Genie. Genie was a remarkable saint with spiky tips and big elbows.

Genie gulped. Then he was not prepared for Giraffe.

As Blind Genie stepped outside, and Giraffe came closer, he could see the melted glint in his eye.

Blind Giraffe and Genie

Genie gazed with the affection of 1305 mean relieved rats. Then Giraffe said, in hushed tones, “I want the ability to see.”

Genie looked back, even more relaxed, and still feeling the smoke come out of his lamp. “Giraffe, I’m blind, but I’ll try to help you,” he replied.

They looked at each other with powerful feelings, like two green, graceful lads having a business meeting, which had trance music playing in the background.

Genie regarded Blind Giraffe’s spiky lips and big elbows. “I feel the same way!” Revealed Giraffe with a delighted grin.

Giraffe looked healthy, his emotions blushing like a knobby, knowing kettle when he realized his sight is coming back!

Then Giraffe invited Genie inside his spaceship for a nice cup of tea.

Captured during meetup at WholeFoods

Thank you for reading Blind Giraffe and Genie! Also, if you enjoyed that story, you might want to read Turtle is playing the Trumpet. Besides, I’m trying a new format, and I got the idea of using a plot generator. Thus, a simple solution to aid me in writing while I focus on drawing. Also, what do you think?

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