A Turtle Playing Trumpet!

turtle playing trumpet feature

Turtle looked at the solid shell in his hands and felt confident while playing his trumpet. Then he walked over to the window and reflected on his beautiful surroundings. He had always loved wild Under The Sea with its square, smoggy seaweed.

It was a place that encouraged his tendency to feel confident. Then he saw something in the distance, or preferably someone. Moreover, it was the figure of Trumpet. Also, the trumpet was a noble eager with moist lips and charming eyes.

Turtle gulped. He glanced at his reflection. Then Turtle had a vision of playing the trumpet. When his vision faded, he saw a loving, considerate, water drinker with round lips and fragile eyes. Also, his friends saw him as a square, smoggy spirited. Once, he had even made a cup of tea for a brave shell.

But not even a loving person who had once made a cup of tea for a brave shell was prepared for what Trumpet had in-store today.

Turtle Playing Trumpet

The sun shone like partying whale, making Turtle calm. As Turtle stepped outside to play, and Trumpet came closer, he could see the hungry glint in his eye.

Trumpet gazed with the affection of the patient cuddly crabs. He said in hushed tones, “I love you Trumpet, and I want to play, said the Turtle.”

Turtle looked back, calm, and still fingering the solid shell. “Trumpet, dude, I can’t wait till you try me out,” he replied. Then, they looked at each other with relaxed feelings, like two freshly-squeezed, fair frogs dancing at a disco, which had jazz music playing in the background.

Turtle regarded Trumpet’s moist lips and charming eyes while he began to play. “I feel the same way!” revealed Turtle with a delighted grin. Trumpet looked glad, and his emotions blushing like a motionless, mushy mouthpiece.

Then Turtle and Trumpet came inside for a sweet drink of water.

Thank you for reading A turtle is playing the trumpet! If you enjoyed that story, you might want to read Witch and her Pet Newt or Blind Giraffe Genie Searching for Cure. I’m trying a new format, and I got the idea of using a plot generator. A simple solution to aid me in writing while I focus on drawing. What do you think?

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