Imaginative Illustrators Of NYC: How to draw?

Imaginative Illustrators Feature

Looking forward to going Imaginative Illustrators of NYC, wait! 🛑 New readers? Welcome to my blog! It might be worth reading my intro at striving-pro-artist. Hey, I got to look out for the newbies, but, meanwhile, I’m sketching at lighting speed, looking for purpose and running into challenges every day. While on my journey, I came across a meetup called “Just Draw” and immediately fell for it. Artists of many skill levels mashed together to draw a prompt for the day. I wanted to write more about it, but I wanted to experience the community, and warm up to it. We meet up on Saturday’s and draw for a few hours. During the event, at halftime, we share our progress and describe what we did. Occasionally we go out afterword for dinner or drinks. Although, I don’t prefer the drinking scene.

Imaginative Illustrators Feature
Imaginative Illustrators Feature

Imaginative Illustrators: City nights

The past two meetups were about video game concept art and city nights. I came in with the plan 🤔 of using 7th Dragon 3 Code: VFO art book for reference material. City Nights wasn’t precisely what the art book contained, but since I was drawing and toning with pencil, it was okay. While drafting my scene, my mind forced me into a tense state. I am new, and I want to impress. Also, it was loud and distracting, but spacious. The skilled crowd of artists spoke about what they created and used various artistic languages to describe the work. Overall, they left me impressed and was entirely into coming back again.

Imaginative Illustrators: City Nights
Imaginative Illustrators: City Nights

Prompt: Video Game Concept Art

Back again with Imaginative Illustrators! Okay, the second run in was about environments, villains, heroes, and weapons. Hold it! ✋ I am afraid, I said to myself. I have never drawn scoundrels and protagonists or armaments for that matter. My solution to that issue is to always go in with an open mind. I would recommend that for anybody who is starting out. In fact, the worst thing is that you show up and you can always leave. Luckily for me, I have done a beautiful waterfall picture in the past, so I felt confident. Do you face these issues in your routine? Where do you go? What do you do?

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WAIT… I have more SWEETS to give!

I spoke to a few artists at Imaginative Illustrators that give me a lot of things to check out. In fact, I have a screenshot of a Google Keep with a wealth of information! For whatever reason, I’m impressed that the Cranberry Cafe, has a bathroom on the second floor! Truth! I didn’t know they had a bathroom until I came back a second time. 😂 In other news, do you know whether I should get another mentor? I’m currently reporting to “The Studio Fine Art Gallery.”

Google Keep Art Tips
Google Keep Art Tips

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