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Sketchbook Feature
Sketchbook Scrapbook Feature
Sketchbook Scrapbook Feature

Sketchbook Scrapbook July 🐇

How about I share my sketchbook scrapbook on my blog and describe what I was thinking? I was sitting outside on a bench in front of the beach, and it hit me. I have all these pencil sketches in my sketchbook. It might be worth sharing them with my followers and the WordPress community. I know what your thinking, why would I want to follow a blog that posts about sketches? Okay, here is my thought, I show you my process, and you can ask questions about it. I strongly feel you will learn a thing or two from me because I’m super passionate about art. Heck, I might learn from your questions too!

Where did you cook up the idea? 👨‍🍳

I got the idea of a sketchbook scrapbook several weeks ago; a co-worker purchased a game called 7th Dragon 3 Code: VFO. According to Google, It’s the first Western release for a Japanese RPG series that began with 2009’s more named merely 7th Dragon. Regardless, he gave me an art book that came with the game. Henceforth, I decided to draw characters from it. Then I just started adding small pencil marks into my sketchbook. Of course nothing short of crappy chicken scratch, but it began to fill up pages.

Art Instructor 👨‍🎨

Days later, my art instructor taught me a new way to draw, follow the shadows and nothing has edges. I thought to myself, how will I practice this new technique? He recommends I take a piece of crumpled paper, put new lighting around it and draw the damn thing. Now, the idea works well at home, but during my commute, I decided to use the art book as reference and practice.

Scrapbook Ideas 📚

Wow, thank you for reading my sketchbook scrapbook idea! Okay, feast your eyes on these pencil marks. Aren’t we all special eh? I have more on my Deviant Art page.

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