Chronolapse Dragon Sketches Underway

Dragon Sketches Underway chronolapse

I’m working on putting together a visual-provoking time-lapse. I experimented with software called Chronolapse. It has a feature to take screenshots every second or the amount you specify. Whats more is that it can combine all of the images into a video. I decided to use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, but it quickly becomes a chore to figure out how to output simple motion video. For example, I didn’t know what to set the frame rate too, and I didn’t want to spend hours figuring it out.  When I have time, I might return to adobe and figure it out, unless somebody knows how to create a simple time-lapse. Chronolapse is excellent, but for some reason, Adobe Premiere is trying to provoke me. In other words, it didn’t take the MPEG format. Nor does Adobe Media Encoder. Therefore, I have to resort to using a dependable FREE VLC Fix!

Dragon Sketches Underway chronolapse
Dragon Sketches Underway Chronolapse


Earlier I used Open Broadcast Software to create a video, but it is to heavy on my tablet resources. If I continue to use OBS, my poor tablets resources cannot keep up with Sketchbook Pro. For example, when I draw, it slows down my brush strokes and makes it hard for me to stay focused. Later on, I realized that I had to throw out the time-lapse created in Chronolapse. When I imported my video tracks into Adobe Premiere, the duration of the video becomes 1 second. Therefore an hour was lost in trying to convert and combine simple video.

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VLC is Good

I ended up saving all of the video files using VLC. Spending 3-4 days trying to do this task is a bit much? I get about an hour to work on this, but that’s it. I’m not going to give up of course, in fact, I outline my goals in my Striving to Become a Professional Artist page.

Is feedback a good thing right?

The great thing about this experience is that I will look for another way to speed up my workflow. I’m open to new ideas if you have recommendations.

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