Subway Doodles Sketch Underway V5

Subway Doodles Sketch Underway V5

Days ago I started a new journey of creating subway doodles. My art instructor, Michael Korosty recommended I try to develop doodles on the subway. He mentioned that this would be a way to practice my eye accuracy. However, my goal is to practice his technique. In fact, a few days ago, I created a video called How To Draw Proportional Spray Can? Thus, when should I practice his way and is there a way I can still blend into my daily trips?

Subway Doodles 🔊

Wait, why doodle in the subway and why subway doodle at all? Well, it all started with my wish to get good at drawing. Okay, not ultimately, I wanted to get better at accurately landing ovals and proportional drawing. Pause, I still owe you an explanation, I’ve been commuting every day and been drawing random sketches. That’s all it is, and at this point, I’m getting bored that nobody is interacting with me. Hopefully, by me drawing real living organisms, people will recognize it and socialize with me.

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How my Doodles Draw themselves 🤷

It’s quite simple; Don’t worry about anything and draw whatever in front of me. If the subject moves away, then I paint on top or create a new layer in Sketchbook Pro. In fact, I’m using more gestures than accuracy. Even so, I feel as though I’m not improving. In fact, what I want is to do studies of my subjects, but without looking weird. In other words, I started drawing using a part of the technique, but I felt guilty that I didn’t measure correctly.

The little goals of drawing 🤔

Do you ever look at a beautiful woman and stare? If the answer is yes, then you might be an artist. Joking, I don’t know, but see if you can find something interesting, then try to break down its beauty and draw it merely. Similar, imagine your standing in front of a blond woman who is sitting down, and you want to paint hair for whatever reason. If your lucky and she isn’t looking at you, and you might catch different shades of dark and light. That’s called a study if you can then draw that effect and practice it until it becomes stable.

Subway Doodles Sketch Underway V5
Subway Doodles Sketch Underway V5

To Sum up ❤

Somehow I need to fit all of this into my daily commute. Do a few doodles, practice accuracy and do a few studies. Earlier, I wrote about Phoenix sketches, which is less connected to technique and free to rendering what is in my mind. In other news, above is a picture of the MTA subway train getting ready to leave the station. As always, good luck on your adventures!

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