WordPress Comments Rant & Day In Review

WordPress Comments Rant
WordPress Comments Rant
WordPress Comments Rant

WordPress Comments Rant 💢

The other day I was troubleshooting WordPress comments. Stoner and I were discussing artwork, but she pointed out that if somebody clicks my name they go to the wrong place. Also, I was under the impression that we were both viewing the comments from the desktop. Yet, Stoner was viewing the comments from the reader. For example, after a fury of images being sent back and forth, I learned that she was correct in saying that site was not right. In fact, she was navigating to a site called grimreaper01.wordpress.com. As a result, I spoke to WordPress support and they pointed out that I needed to go to my account setting and just update a few fields. Thus, the moral of the story is use screenshots! I think we spent a few hours in plain confusion (see Worker Bee Story below).

The rest of the day 🐰

That morning was interesting. I got up after being extremely tired. In other words, I was up late coming up with a featured picture for my blog post. Website Mission – 6 Strategies for beginners…Sunlight is in my eyes, while I got some of my clothes ready. Saw my mom. She was already up making breakfast. My plan was to quickly get some clothes ready so I can spend more time on publishing my blog post. Then I remembered that I had to connect my blog post with the prompt today. With the frustrations building, I didn’t know how to use blink in a sentence. I went online and searched how to use it a sentence. Remember, I’m half awake, so yes this is how I think when I’m sleep deprived. Then I selected something that made sense.

The Night Before 🌃

The night before I worked tirelessly on making my featured image. For example, I used a software called Spark. It’s useful because it lets you quickly create designs without actually being a designer. In other words, it provides you with starter templates for any social media platform. This helps me because it removes the guesswork from figuring out how big to make something.

Later that day ☀️

Okay, I’m on the train to work… Happy that I published my post. I realized I forgot my toothbrush. 😭 This was important because I will be visiting my girlfriend place after work. Okay fine, I’m over it now… During my commute, I like to do this interesting thing ~ draw. For example, I slap on some nice beats and continued work on my drawing for Dronstadblog.🔥

The Worker Bee 🐝

When I got to work, I had lots of code to write for my project. Yet, I wanted to focus on my blog and promoting it. During lunch, I watched some PluralSite videos on ZBrush. Afterword, I decided to hang out with my favorite bloggers. After I posted a few interesting comments, I decided to visit  Stoner blog. Then learned that my WordPress comments don’t show my site. 🤦 In other words, this whole time I was linking to some other magical site that doesn’t exist. As a result, using WordPress support, I was able to get help and fix my WordPress comments.

Evening Whiskey Shot 🥃

Later that night we went to a bar. I didn’t know these people. Yet, I still want. You never know, you might just meet another artist. The group was mostly talking about sports. For example, NBA or basketball. Yet, I don’t watch sports, so I stayed quiet for a bit. When they got off the topic, I was free to try out my conversation skills and connect with these people. To my surprise, the person who organized the event was an artist. On the other hand, she wasn’t practicing much because she is working as an office admin. Bang!! We all got out of our seats to see what that noise was! A guy in our group was laying on the floor. His chair exploded underneath him. I was about to break down laughing. Yet, I hesitated, I don’t know how candid I will sound if I start laughing my ass off.  For this reason, we all got whiskey shots from the manager.

Home Run 🏃

After the bar, I found out that the Microsoft store stopped doing Hololens demo after 4 pm. The store is nearby the bar and we had made plans to visit. Then we rushed to catch the subway train. Yet, somehow we got on the wrong train. When we got off, we had to walk two avenues. I didn’t complain, cos I actually like walking, so it was fun. Eventually, we caught the train and made our way home.

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