Website Mission 6 Strategies For Beginners

Website Mission
Website Mission
Website Mission 🐰
~ Did you know that newborns blink at the rate of fewer than two times per minute? Up to the present time, my about page was a disaster. Yet, I rewrote it and called it Striving to Become a Professional Artist. Not to mention, I decided to discuss my website mission because I want to help you avoid the trouble I went through. For example, I was using two voices to describe how to make an awesome about page. In other words, I would give an example of a fact about me and then analysis the next point. Even so, my goal is to give you something useful and I didn’t want to write a boring about page. Thus, I hope this second revision is clearer in its message and its place on my site.

Website Mission ~ Introductions and Goals 〽️

Introduce yourself or the company. In fact, if we know more about you, it will help you build trust with the person visiting your site. Yet, picking the right voice is important because you don’t want to sound like something you’re not. For example, your buying something when you’re actually trying to sell something. That is to say, I’m still deciding whether I want to showcase my portfolio or create an area for learning. In other words, I’m looking for work, but I love-inspiring artists and seeing what they create. All things considered, I would love to know how I can divide my site, so it can handle both requests? Please let me know in the comments below what you think?
For example, you can say, I’m an artist, computer specialist, and key-puncher.
Then, you can discuss your goals and why they are important. In other words, this will grab the reader’s attention if they agree with you. Another key point, your telling people why they should come to your site. For this reason, it can increase your chances of a getting new subscriber or customer!
As an illustration, I’m interested in sharing my 3D and traditional painting experience. That is to say, I want to find an internship or meetup to challenge myself, so I share my findings and inspire you. Thus, this will allow me to gain experience to break my professional beginner status in my world!

Love them for their Personality and History 😍

Are you a sunny engaging personality? For example, you can discuss how you discovered your passion and how you build yourself up. This is useful because most people have similar struggles. In this case, finding a career that is a good fit for your liking. With this intention, you will be able to relate yourself to others and make a true connection.
Likewise, I discovered my passion through my frustration with computer programming. In other words, the frustration started building during my school days. For one thing, I never knew what I wanted to do. I started realizing my passion through gaming and watching my dad. To clarify, I thought the only way I can enjoy my life is if I had a career related in computers. Yet, I didn’t know that I could make computer art and create stunning games! After graduating from college, I had gained a degree in Multimedia Computer Programming. I was already an intern at a govt agency learning to program. As shown above, I lust for an opportunity to grow my passion and switch careers. Yes, I am stubborn at times, but it could be a good thing too!

Bring Out Your Character Through Images – Can you see the 🤑

Another way to be more personable is to share an image of you at your best moment. In other words, add a picture of you at work. For example, if you are in an office setting, grab a picture of yourself in a suit. For instance, I was reading How to Create a Great ‘ABOUT’ Page? and from the many examples, I enjoyed looking at action poses. Indeed, my favorite about pages is the EGOPOP and GUMMISIG. To put in another way, the GUMMISIG about page image is interesting because it’s from the top down view. In particular, a camera angle from that view gives the viewer more power. Thus, images can give you a way to connect with your potential customers or subscribers.

What is your website mission? 🤔

I can across an interesting blog post on What is your mission of your website? I like these questions and I plan to answer them on my about page. Also, see if you can answer them yourself for your website. If this was useful, I would like to hear about your experience in the comments below.
What can people do with the products or information you’re offering on your website? What makes your products or ideas unique? How will your products/services enhance your clients’ lives? Why should people buy the products/services on your website and not on another (e.g. cheaper or better known) website? Or why should people read your information and take your advice instead of information on another website? What’s the reason you’re offering these products/services or information, besides making money?

How do you make money after you got your website mission? 💸

La … money… sending good vibes to the masses! You know what, if you produce quality content and be personable, then people will get you. In other words, people will visit you more often. For example, if you’re selling a vacuum cleaner that does an awesome job and you got stories to back it up. Then people will trust and recommend you. Then again, I’m not talking about fake stories, I’m saying you need to get testimonials from real people. By all means, if you get a project done with a 3D studio, they can write a few nice words about your work. At the same time, you can earn money from affiliate linking. For example, you can recommend product using affiliate program from Amazon. As an illustration, I created an article on Reusable Ski Packing Checklist. Here I reviewed and recommended ski gear for your season.
You can mention your experience… 📈
Well, that’s what resumes are for? Right. Actually, from the artist point of view, its more important to have a portfolio of your work. Yet, you could list all the software and degrees. In fact, my LinkedIn profile is free for your viewing pleasure. I will leave you with these small tips, good luck with website mission about page!

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