Particular What is the Truth About Blogging?

Particular Feature

A Particular Truth 😇

Today, in Particular, I realized that I need to stop or change the way I produce my stories. In like manner, I will not force myself to post stories at the cost of my sleep, energy and daily activities. Also, after listening to my fellow bloggers, I came to a new understanding, and I will try to put in place. I apologize to anybody who was expecting a story today! Don’t worry I’m not giving up and I have a plan.

The plan 🙏

Okay, so here is the deal, I want to continue blogging my stories, but in a more informal way. That means I’ll share small nib bits of how the story is developing and my experience. Also, I want to blog a bit about my personal life. I plan to post each story in a special section. Also, when this section is ready, I will let you know, and you will be able to read on. My goal is to deliver useful content to readers like you. That means I will need to spend a bit more time planning out my stories. For example, making sketches and creating meaningful character sheets.

Today Featured Image 👫

I was craving an abstract for a long time, and I felt the need to be free. As I matter a fact, I did two version, what do you think or feel?

Particular Feature V2
Particular Feature V2

The crowd seemed clustered at one particular spot

Today, I spent some time creating a new character sheet for Mark. In the first place, you can read Character Sheet: Mark the Jester. Also, so feel free to add anything you like for me to consider. At the same time, is anybody interested in adding content to the story? In other words, feel free to suggest any idea’s or pictures. Above all, let me know how you think or what you think of all this?

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