Neighbors: How to Draw Them & Improve Your Focus?

Neighbor Snapseed

Neighbors Draw Them & Improve Your Focus?

Today’s drawing challenge came from the word neighbors. Also defined as a person living near or next door to the speaker or person referred to. Yesterday, I had a thought, I wanted to learn more about character design, while browsing, an inspiring article popped up, HOW TO DRAW FEMALE FACES BY LOISH. To start, first create a circle, then draw a curvy cross and finally draw in the eye, nose, ears and mouth.

Furthermore, I wanted to continue using flow and layering of gray shades. I started these ideas in these two posts Simmer: How to Show Flow & Promote Scene Passion? and Mystery: How to Create Flow & Improve Scene Interest? In addition, I learned that if I use a black color, middle black of 50% with multiply on the layer and 20% dark gray, I can get interesting results when combined with a top layer. Also, the top layer is used together with the eye dropper tool to sample the gray’s on the other layers to create basic shapes in the foreground and background.

I’m curious to know or your curious to know ⁉️

I’m a bit saddened by the fact I couldn’t draw to my full potential today. Yesterday, my Nexus 6P experienced a boot loop, then magically started working. This morning, my digital pen battery ran out, so I had to draw on my android phone. What do you do when stuff isn’t going your way? Do you push through or take a day off?

As a matter of fact, I just pushed through the day, I knew what goal I needed to focus on and I just worked through the issues. I knew I needed to focus on neighbors, so I went on google image search to get quickly inspired and started drawing. A few days ago, I had a similar issue in the post What Kept Me From Quitting Ghoulish Challenge?

In the light of my creations, I want to see your creations in the comments below. Also, my grammar and English isn’t that good either, if you see something odd, please let me know!? Moreover, if you haven’t already read about me, head over to my about page or Who I Am and Why I’m here? If you like what you see, please like, re-blog and follow for more inspiration!  ¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Neighbor Original
Neighbor Original

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