How to use Open Broadcaster Software


Start broadcasting your games and show the public what your can do on the battlefield! I downloaded Open Broadcaster Software, its free, so it was my first choice. It was a bit of a challenge at first to get it going, but after I read a few tutorials I was up and streaming. The stream is unique to your setting of your game, so don’t go maxing out all your settings and expect to get 1080p video. According to my sources, you should keep the kbps to 80% of your total upload bandwidth. However, mind you that Twitch and YouTube cap your top at 3000-6000 kbps. One not so obvious thing to most is that each game eats up your GPU and CPU resources. Don’t expect to get a lag free stream if you plan on playing on maximum game graphic settings. I would recommend setting your resolution to at least 1080 width and what ever height. Then set all you’re in game graphics to medium or low. Just experiment and see how the stream does. OBS has a status bar on the bottom that shows you your stream frame rate and your transfer rate. Watch those and adjust your settings accordingly to get the best stream result. I started streaming with Twitch because they have a huge gaming community and decent video editing tools. Then I moved to YouTube and I was pleased to find that it had similar if not better setup. I did have a lot of trouble keeping my games from lagging or my stream from losing frames on both platforms. I’ve looked around and most of my findings were just about network problems. Moving away from network, I started to think its something on my end. I tweaked my resolution and upload speed, but I wasn’t able to get the result I wanted. I ended up reducing my in-game graphics to medium and to my surprise, I was able to maintain good FPS and continue gaming with no problem. It turns out that my graphics card was not able to stream and render my game with my high setting. If you want to maintain high quality stream, then I would recommend getting a video capture card for that. That’s pretty much it, Good luck on your adventure!

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