Ruins Magic Growing with members

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Ruins Magic and members runes of magic

Friend leaving Maintains
Running instances
Why should somebody come here?
Keeping people happy
Accept the fact of people leaving

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Play Runes of Magic

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Ruins Magic

Back in the day when I was playing Ruins of Magic, I would imagine a routine that would become common out most MMO ( A massively multiplayer online game) life. The items I mentioned above are things you would be responsible for while being in a small guild. I would point to reputation because it’s something that branches off to recruiting and members. Guild mates must keep it professional and be polite. Many of my friends were older folks who had long stressful days, who worked and then came on to play the game. Nobody is looking for drama and hate.

The key was not to think about these items as a task or job, but to tie in a fun factor and have some sort of reward system. Running instances (bosses areas and quests) for people who are doing well with their ranks. Giving out equipment and money to guild mates. Pointing out helpful hints and solutions to issues.  Ruins of Magic had many guilds that were able to maintain this, but if you were a smaller guild, then your resources were strained and it was hard to maintain this effort. Ultimately, a lot of people found themselves moving to other growing games.

A guild master has to be able to answer the question about why this guild and not some other one. Bigger guilds mostly state facts clearly about the environment and the community.

An example of a recruiting message in Runes of Magic:

Our guild FreeDestiny is Recruiting players lvls 30-77.(If your lvl 1-29 we will inv if your active in the game)

We have siege war every night and run dungeons everyday.
We have Vent. nice people they will answer any questions you might have
Run Goblin Games Every Day.

If your Interested Msg “karinol”,”korilyn”,”Dorial”,”Ulamog” if all else fails msg “Ruskie” he’s on all night.
he on from 10 am – 10 pm EST
If you’re wondering if were a Nooby guild,
Majority of our guild are/is lvl 50-77 and we have over 120 members
I wouldn’t recommend staying to long in games like Runes of Magic and I would try not to get too attached to any guild. However, I understand that it is hard to play against friends and not helping them.

Good luck on your adventure and your guild!

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